Rhode Island Fall Classic Tournament

Hi Everyone!

I’m trying to run a tournament once every other month in Southern New England. My last tournament, “Pizza J Match Play” was a lot of fun, and we managed to get 23 players, which made it the largest Rhode Island tournament to date in 2018.

I’ve planned another event, for October 6th, at Flip Side If you haven’t been to Flip Side, it’s a real treat. A great bar with 10 amazingly maintained pinball machines owned by collectors who want their games playing flawlessly. Not only are the games fun, but the bar has a quality selection of craft brews, and the bar is in Westerly, which is a great city with awesome restaurants and nightlife. Westerly is served by Amtrak so if you wanted to make a day of it you could come up from New York, Philly or Washington and take the late night train home. We’re starting at 3pm so if people want to make a drive from CT, MA or ME they have time to and not have to leave before dawn.

I know Rhode Island doesn’t get a lot of players who travel for tournaments, but I’d like to change that. I think we have the people in this part of the country who are passionate as hell about pinball and who are quality players. New England Pinball League proved we’ve got the players here.


The tournament will be a match-play style tournament. We will run 3 or 4 hours of qualifying matchplay (round robin or swiss depending on the players) and a finals bracket with 50% or less of the field making finals. In the event we have 24 players we will take 12 with a 4 player bye, and so on. The one thing we don’t have is prizes; I wanted to keep the entry free (I’ll pay the $1 fee) because the WPPRs and the fun of pinball are better than a prize pool whose entry fee might keep people from playing. Its possible we could wrangle some prizes from outside sponsors but for now, it’s about the love of flippin’

Anyways I hope if you live in New England, or are considering traveling here for a fun Saturday of pinball at a great location. If you are considering coming up here but have questions about Rhode Island, Flip Side, or New England tournament play in general, please feel free to PM me. Thanks!