Rewards/Punishments for fun tournaments

Any of you all have ideas for things that could be beneficial (or punishing) that you can let people do in a tournament? What I am thinking is that the loser of a match gets to roll a dice and on it will be six different things that can happen. One example is “Play Extra Ball” which would allow someone to play an extra ball on their next game. This is for more of a fun type tournament since one of the local bars here is really getting a lot of new folks into pinball and I wanna host a tournament to get them hooked on the crack that pinball is (according to Devon in the Vice video). I might even do it where the losing player can roll for themselves or force the winner to roll.

I was also considering ‘bad’ things to maybe either make a few sets of dice with one die being all good options, one all bad, and one mixed. For the bad options I was thinking things like “play with hands crossed” or “play with an eye patch” (particularly bad for our players with only one eye as they’ll play blind).

Any input is appreciated since I gotta get these dice made before the tourney :slight_smile:

Trying to think of things that aren’t too beneficial or punishing and mostly looking for ideas for BENEFICIAL options since I only have a couple so far (below with a +)

So far options are (all pertain to the just one ball in the next game):

  • play EB
  • double ball 1 score
  • play with arms crossed over/backwards flippers (like in Drunk Multiball on CCC)
  • play with an eye patch on
  • plunge out Ball 2
  • play with Hulk hands
  • one handed only


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  • re-order digits (change score from 27,690 to 97,620)
  • instant replay: player can’t earn less than replay score on next game
  • tickle opponent for 10 sec
  • opponent plays tommy style (cover flippers with paper or dollar bills)
  • stop game after any ball (if winning after ball 1, game over … same for ball 2)
  • double bonus (add all bonuses again to score)
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I’ve always joked about a few extra ball scenarios.

  1. You have the option to play an extra ball, but your opponents can:
    a. give you 1 kick to the groin* prior to playing each EB or:
    b. give you 2 kidney punches, at any time during the EB.

*Kick to the groin may be substituted for a punch to the chest for females. Females may choose to have another female player punch them in the chest if they so choose.

FWIW, I have 2 kids with no plans on having any more. I would go with groin kick every time and play my EB.

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Or how about, instead of a 1 flip extra ball, play out the EB one handed?

Thumbs down to any suggestion that involves touching other players against their will. I love the idea in general though @genex!


It’s not against their will. You have the option of not playing the extra ball, or playing your extra ball and suffering the punishment of choosing from your opponent.

Agree with Echa. I could see it quickly get out of hand if punching/kicking was allowed. I’d definitely stick to the non contact forms of “extras”.

Very good point here, Echa! Tickling definitely a pretty dumb 3am thought on my part. Kicking or hitting, no interest in ever setting something like that up, I’ve played enough Panic Park to know that anything like that is going to end in horror.

Please refrain from such genital-centric postings in the future (even when it is more directed as yourself as here.) This was flagged by a user as the kind of content they were hoping to get away from.

Thanks for these ideas - a few will work - will post photos of the dice once I get them made! BTW this is for this tournament:

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I am so excited for this event!

Love the “baller” art. Will there be shirts with that art available? To non tournament attendees?? :slight_smile:

I’ve asked the designer to make more but my sister got me a tshirt with that - hopefully he’ll make more and we can battle the “Pinball Wizard” scourge! Will post here if he does re-print!

FWIW, we did something similar at an FSPA league party once. We had people playing CFTBL with boxing gloves. It was easily the most awesome end-of-season party contest we did.

I would pay money to see the top A players play a game on while similarly encumbered :slight_smile:

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That’s OK, I have tons of other million dollar ideas. I think it would be great if someone created a tournament mode that had timed, scoring reductions.

Basically, it would be a mode which would force players to play on the fly, vs. trying to control the ball. The machine scores shots and modes as normal, but immediately starts to “count down” the score after every shot, until the next switch hit is made, or the score reaches zero.

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Psych out mode, a la baseketball

Heh thanks for the edit Bowen. Damn autocorrect…

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