Request: IFPA Tournaments Pending Results listings?

Is there anywhere on the IFPA site which lists tournaments which have taken place, but are pending results? As best I can tell, once a tournament occurs, there’s no evidence of its existence on the site until results are posted.

Ideally, I’d like to see these listed chronologically on the Past Results page and on the NACS Tournaments tab with a “pending results” notation.

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As far as I know the TDs of the events will see this information in their tournament manager screen, but other than that, you as a player will need to just wait I think. They have 60 days to submit the results so at the latest i would expect it to take 60 days to see results.

I think of it as the paper listing that the game took place too late for the morning edition - for logistical reasons they don’t have results, but they still acknowledge the game took place.

Having these “limbo” tournaments disappear from public view is kinda surreal.

We have this on the admin side:

I’ll defer to @Shep as to why we don’t publish that list publicly.

If there’s any particular tournament results you’re waiting on feel free to ask us. We don’t mind answering those emails and do so quite a bit.

TD shaming activated


It’s honestly not about TD shaming or waiting impatiently for results for me, it’s more about getting a sense of what’s outstanding in general, from the larger perspective.

In terms of NACS, with a time-bound period of qualifying, it’s useful to know how many tournaments are outstanding both from a points perspective and a superstate threshold perspective.

If publicly posting these pending tourneys serves as a way to encourage faster submissions, that would be an OK side effect, but that’s not the reason I’m asking for it.

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Lots of stats on the NACS including all the tournaments left on the schedule and how many unique players there are currently and total events held to date.

Absolutely, the only (critical) thing missing is the limbo tourney info.

They have been added to the tournaments page under the NACS. Ex:


We can all use it in our own way :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the fast response, that’s amazing.

Huge improvement to the system, well done. Makes my job easier in tracking extra SCS stats on my MI Spreadsheet and other projects.


This is great! Thanks!

Awesome! Thanks for this.

Great addition!!! Thanks Brian

This rules! Thanks for this!

As a side note to this is there a way to see tournament details after it’s happened. Calendar page has all the info we submit like format and rules etc and once it’s a results page it lacks all info about the event itself besides number data and final standings.


Agreed this would be useful.

Even including the description text in a creation confirmation email would be appreciated.

It took me way too long to figure out I need to save a template-style copy of all the kinds of events I run.


Exactly! I always feel like I’m retyping the same description over and over but never exactly the same.


Paging @Shep on this one as well.

Anyone is welcome to contact Adam or myself for this currently. We can easily pull that verbiage from our Admin side of things on the site.