ReplayFX 2016 - Westin group rate available now

Just passing the word that the Westin group rate of $145 is available by phone ONLY right now. The rate code is ReplayFX and should be online within the next couple days, but if you don’t want to risk waiting, book now by calling them (412) 281-3700


We’ve got our rooms for the sanctum crew again. Expect some good parties again. Monday night football anyone? :smile:

dude I gotta get in on that this next time! :slight_smile:

We weren’t hard to find :smile: People were coming to our rooms all night

The Westin online code is available now. We’re also in the process of setting up additional hotel blocks that will become available within a few days.


Just tried it, got a “group rate sold out” message.

I just checked, and the only day currently sold out is Wednesday. More should be added soon, in addition to other hotel blocks that are on their way.

:frowning: Had a feeling that it would sell out before the group rate became active. Kind of screws us international travellers a bit (where ‘just calling in’ is more of an issue). I’ll keep fingers crossed for another block opening up, and I hope things go more smoothly with one of the other hotels.

Thanks so much for setting hotel deals up Mark. It’s not something that you have to do, so I just want to say that it’s appreciated, and an added bonus to an already awesome event.

Group rate looks to be working for Wednesday now. Just booked my room without any issues from the website.

Wait, did I miss pinburgh sign ups?

@cayle , Pinburgh tickets go on sale Dec. 6th at 11am EST.

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I can reccomend the Hampton Inn as a good option to the Westin. It’s a bit further walking, about 3 blocks or so, but free parking and nice rooms. I don’t remember what it cost exactly but I’d say comparable to the Westin group rate once paid parking is factored in.

Or for the more frugal pinball player, there are Air BnB spots walking distance from Pinburgh for a third of the hotel price.

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you guys kept us up all night across the hall…lol , im blaming my playoff play on you guys!

Listen to the message: more rooms should be added soon, in addition to other hotel blocks that are on the way. You’re not screwed. :slight_smile:

Single days might sell out but if you reserve the days that are available you usually can change it later.