Recs for Location play in Pittsburgh

Hello all,

I’m travelling to Pittsburgh next week and have a free night next thursday (the 20th). If you had one night to play pinball in Pittsburgh, where would you go?

Kickback Cafe just reopened. That would be my choice.


Universal recommendations

  • Kickback - Pure pinball, supporting @PAPA_Doug and crew. Some game discounts via Payrange app.
  • Trixie’s Bar and Game Room - recently renovated arcade/console/board game space. Great friend of the PPL runs it.
  • Victory Pointe - mainstay arcade/console/board game space a few blocks away from Trixie’s. BYOB, great food. $15 to play all day.

If you need other recommendations I’m here.


I have my eye set on Kickback, as I sort of accidentially booked my return flight Monday evening instead of Sunday evening. Given that it was at least $230 for Priceline to attempt to change my flight, and the fact that I scored an amazing deal on the extra night I’d have to stay, the choice was obvious.

We’re live!

You’re coming all the way from Japan the week before Pinburgh and not staying for it??

I live in England now, but yup. I’ll actually be in Pennsylvania through the 30th, and may get to go to 2-3 hours of the Sunday of ReplayFX as well. Sadface.

Well you absolutely have to go to ReplayFX if only for 3 hours. Maximize your time!