Reasons not to go to the 2018 Vancouver Flip-Out Tournament & Expo

Just thought I’d post a warning for those considering attending this year’s Vancouver Pin-Out Tournaments & Pinball Expo and explain all the reasons you might not want to attend.

  • Amazing new venue. This year the event moves to the Yaletown Roundhouse - an actual former train roundhouse converted into a stunning convention facility right on the waters edge in downtown Vancouver. Bah. Pinball should be played in musty basements far away from distractions like amazing sights, restaurants, and shopping. That Tacofino place is practically across the street! It’s the worst fresh fish taco and local micro-brew you’ll ever have, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • Competition. This years main tournament is on the 2018 Stern Pro Circuit. That means all kinds of extremely good players will be there vying for top spot. Seriously?? Like my chances at a trophy weren’t slim enough already. Plus if I do win I’ll probably be restricted to A divisions in every tournament I play in thereafter. Thanks but no thanks!

  • Amazing people. Lead by the ring-master himself Tommy Floyd the Vancouver crowd is renowed for their friendliness and hospitality. They even occaisonally “let” their American friends win their tournaments! Plus you’ll be hanging out with popular pinball personalites like Jack Danger, Dirty Donny, Martin Ayub, Joe Balcer, Martin Ayub, Jack Guarnieri, Antoinette Johnson, and Jonathan Joosten. Jonathan will even be DJing the VIP party on Friday night! Seriously?? I come to play the games, not visit other pinheads (that’s what Pinside is for) VIP Party? NO THANKS! I’ll be QUALIFYING!!

  • The Cdn $ is practically worthless. Every USD$ you spend will go easily 35% further. That makes everything dirt cheap. All those deliciously strong Canadian beers, amazing fresh seafood, and of course, tournament entries. Meh. All that cheap living is bound to lead to excess consumption. You’ll eat, drink, and play far more than you intended. Restraint is the key to pinball glory!

:wink: :grin: :rofl:

Seriously though, Vancouver Flip-Out is only 2 weeks away!

Vancouver Flip-Out at the Vancouver Pinball Expo

The Vancouver Flip-Out returns as the largest tournament in Canada and the only Canadian Event in the Stern Pro-Circuit. It is the main event of the Vancouver Pinball Expo (VPE).

As in 2017, there will also be Classic, Women, Junior, and restricted Knockout tournaments. Click on the tournament links below for additional details.

Please note that the tournaments start a day earlier than the Expo, on Thursday September 6, with doors opening at 4pm. Playing early is highly recommend to avoid long lines waiting to play, and to ensure you have sufficient time to play all of your games, especially in the Main division.

$10,000 in prizes, in the form of cash, trophies, plaques, and pinball memorabilia to be awarded across all tournaments!

Vancouver Flip-Out (Main Tournament)

  • Main Tournament, Limited Best-Game Qualifying. IFPA Sanctioned.
  • 2018 Stern Pro Circuit Event
  • $30 to Enter, 15 tickets. Maximum three rebuys, of 5 tickets for $10 each.
  • 12 or more machines, best 7 scores count
  • Open Division: Top 24 qualifiers, $1000 guaranteed to winner.
  • Novice Division: Top 16 qualifiers, IFPA Rank Restriction at 3500, $150 guaranteed to winner.
  • Qualifying Thursday through Saturday, finals on Sunday.
  • IFPA-Sanctioned Tournament, with 100% tourney grading.

Jurassic Classics

  • Classics Tournament, PAPA-Style Card Qualifying in sets of 4 games. IFPA Sanctioned.
  • $10 per Entry. One entry is four games. Unlimited retries.
  • 6 or more machines, all four scores from best card count.
  • Software automatically picks a player’s best card for standings.
  • Open Division: Top 24 qualifiers, $500 guaranteed to winner.
  • Novice Division: Top 16 qualifiers, IFPA Rank Restriction at 3500, $150 guaranteed to winner.
  • Qualifying Thursday through Saturday 6pm, finals Saturday 7pm.
  • IFPA-Sanctioned Tournament, with 100% tourney grading.

Women’s Coup-de-Grace

  • Women’s Tournament, 4-Strike Knockout.
  • $10 Entry. Saturday 2pm.
  • $100 and plaque guaranteed to winner.
  • Plaques and cash prizes for top 4. Additional prizes if more than 20 players.

Knockout Tournament

  • 3-Strike Knockout tournament for players who are not ranked in IFPA top 1500
  • $5 Entry. Sunday 1pm.
  • $100 and plaque guaranteed for the winner.
  • (Note: Players in VFO Open Division Final 16 or Novice Final 4 not eligible.)

Junior Jam

  • Match Play, 4 Rounds
  • $1 Entry. Sunday 11am.
  • Top 4 qualify for one 4-player-game final.
  • Plaques for Top 4.

Sure hope i don’t see you there!


Sounds terrible!


Just a heads up! Only a handful of VIP Party passes left for Friday night. BBQ dinner, PBR, Prizes, Music & more. Get 'em while you still can at

I’m really starting to dread going to this thing now! :wink:

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