Re-Stream IFPA16 Finals today - Daniele and Johannes on the mic!

Sorry - posted it already on pinside, but since I know some of the most talented players are not only reading here but were also on site last year, so maybe it’s interesting :slight_smile:

No tournaments these days and not sure when there will be a re-start. Not the most important thing considering what’s going on on the globe, but still…

JDL Pinball (Dina and Jim) are very active streamers - not only in Germany but also in Europe. We are very fortunate to have them in the pinball community. Thank you!

On the of the greatest matches played in pinball tournaments took place in the finals of the IFPA World Championships in June 2019

JDL streamed it and maybe some of you already saw that on twitch or youtube.

Today there is a very, very special treat!

The re-stream of the finals part 2!
Yesterday (June 6th) part 1 was broadcasted with Dina, Laura, Lauren and Kate in the booth.

Today Daniele and Johannes will join commenting a very, very special final!
Don’t miss that

Part 2 IFPA Finals Re-Stream
June 7th
21:00 CET
02:00 CDT P.M.


Here’s Jims original announcement in the german forum flippermarkt-

We don’t get many posts in the ‘events’ forum these days

You can however see a re-run of the epic battle between Daniele Acciari (4 times world champion from Rocca di Papa, Italy) and Johannes Ostermeier.
Additional commentary by Dina Lindsay, Lauren Gray and Laura Fraley.
Will also be showing the original Twitch chat of the Dracula game.
Hope you can join -

Cheers and keep safe everyone!


This was fun to watch again. Thanks for the broadcast! I forgot how close it was on Thrones and the match was very close to being over before the legendary game of Drac.

Daniele’s post game comment was really interesting. Late in the game on Drac took his foot off the gas to avoid the chance of a second major malfunction which would have voided the game. He thought he had enough of a lead to hold the win, especially considering how poorly it was going for Johannes. Oops!