Quick Tips help needed...

I’m hoping y’all can help me out here. I am looking for some simple 1 or 2 sentence objectives for pins where you can achieve a target golf score. For example, in MET, “Hit Sparky until multiball starts. Keep hitting for jackpots.” This is tageted primarily for novice players who aren’t familiar with the table.

Does anyone have similar “simple objective statements” for the following games:

Lord of the Rings

Thanks for any info. :slight_smile:

Have you seen pintips.net before? It’s awesome.


@BillTheSpill recently alerted me to the existence of Five Second Game Guides, though it looks like of the three games you’re looking for, only LotR is represented.

My quick ACDC and Ghostbusters tips:
ACDC: shoot ramps to light (one of three) multiball(s). shoot R ramp to start multiball.
Ghostbusters: use skill shot to start scenes at the R orbit. save the R orbit shot in a mode for last to start a new mode in that ladder.

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LOTR. “Spell KEEP at the inlanes/outlanes to light sword lock. Lock 3 balls for multiball.”

GB. “Move the blue light with the right flipper before plunging. Shoot that shot before hitting any other shots to start a mode. Shoot the lit shots to complete the mode.”

It sounds like you are looking for tips to hit a score goal? Can I ask what score target you are trying to hit on GB. It changes the advice I would give (maybe). The game is very strange in that it really doesn’t have great novice strategies. Probably wouldn’t say skill shot video mode and score 59M, but it is a valid strategy a lot of the time.

Yeah - target scores are key when thinking about pingolf strategies. What I really enjoy with pingolf (and I am not a huge fan of pingolf) is playing a strategy that I wouldn’t play otherwise, because the strategy is very score dependent. For instance - Stern Star Trek - I never play Destroy the Drill first, since the away team mode can be worth 30m+ but if a target score is set at 20m, I might go straight for Destroy the Drill away team and focus on nothing else.

Be sure to mention slimer WRT GB as noobs definitely won’t be making the skillshot every time. Is there even a strategy when you’re in missed-skillshot purgatory on this game besides hoping the game is broken and slimer self-scores? :slight_smile: Actually they’re likely better off going for storage facility, and that’s easy to describe how to start.

Pop bumpers all day.

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I don’t have the exact scores with me, but they are REALLY LOW. I am targeting new people who don’t play pinball regularly. (e.e ~3M on Tron, though my Tron plays fast)

Great tips here. My plan is to write these tips on index cards and put them on the machines. Hopefully, it will give new players something to focus on, which generally increases overall play satisfaction even if they don’t reach the target score. Excitement of getting close to or reaching that target score is what I hope gets people to want to play more.

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