questions on certification

  1. Are certified or certified+ tournaments required to use the IFPA/PAPA Unified Ruleset?

  2. In terms of all games in finals must be chosen by the players, does this allow for any limitations on player choice due to circumstances such as a game/bank has already been chosen by a higher seeded group, a player may not choose a game/bank in back to back rounds, a player may only choose a game/bank once in playoffs, etc?

  3. From what I understand there is going to be a requirement next year that all materially relevant tiebreakers must be played out (ie getting into finals, getting a bye, getting to be bus driver, etc) is this requirement for all sanctioned tournaments, for certified, or only for certified+?

  1. No

  2. All of the limitations you mentioned are fine.

  3. This will be required for any event that wants >100% TGP. Not required for bus driver position. Only required for when a player is being eliminated from the event, or there’s a bye where a player can get a free round through that position.

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