Questions Installing P-Roc Into WPC-95

I just picked up a P-Roc board to throw into my No Good Gofers and start playing around with it. There seems to not be much out there on connecting things and I thought I’d just make sure I’m understanding things before I go and make any mistakes.


  • The existing connectors to the MPU and A/V board should work on the P-Roc without repinning right?
  • Once I connect things to the P-Roc the A/V board in the machine isn’t used for anything anymore and the sound will need to come from the computer (Pi) that I use?
  • J26 on the P-Roc is computer power, so I’m guessing that’s 5V out that I could use a molex to usb connector like this one to power a Raspberry Pi?
  • How do I figure out my switch/light mapping for things?

I’m planning on making a video as I do this for others to reference along with some live streaming of the Skeleton game framework I’m planning on using.

Hi - The P-ROC board will drop in to an NGG with no need for cable modifications or adapters. Please refer to the Connector Mappings document at the bottom of the P-ROC product page:

For switch and light mappings, please refer to the documentation of whichever pinball software framework you’ll be using, presumably SkeletonGame or Mission Pinball Framework? You’ll create a description file (YAML format) using the switch and lamp numbers directly from NGG’s manual.

You’re welcome to hop onto the #pindev slack channel and ask any questions you have there. That’s the best place to get help from a bunch of people actively developing custom games and re-themes. A couple of people are even working on NGG; so they could probably just send you a pre-made YAML file for the mappings. Shoot your email over to me at, and I’ll get the slack system to send you an invitation.