Quarantine League?

I’m starving for competition. Internet connectivity on games unfortunately missed this coronabus opportunity (where’s the fkn DONGLE, George?!) but I’ve seen a lot of people in this group come up with some creative stuff. Can we have an e-league based on players with shared machines being matched…somehow… honor system or some craziness ? I’ve got about 35 machines available to play while maintaining isolation (perks of filling your home with pins and also running an arcade), and while I love playing solo too, I’d really like to kick some butts/have mine kicked. Soon. Ideas?


I will even volunteer to make and mail out the trophies (and my trophies are pretty rad) if someone can help make this happen.

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One idea: A limited (or unlimited?) Herb run using Match Play as a selfie league: you submit photos and they get approved by the “TD”. There would be an ongoing leaderboard, etc.

Another: I played in a “league” years ago on KLOV(?) that I played in. I don’t remember how it worked exactly, but I think you played 3 games each week and submitted your best score. I think the way it worked was that they kept historical scores from all players for any game that was submitted…and then your score was compared to that.

(So, I would submit scores for say, High Speed, and you might do Pinbot. But we are being given points by comparing to past average/median/highs from all past leagues on those same games, as played by other players or ourselves. So you don’t even need to be playing the same machines).

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As a temporary fun thing to get my fix, i’d be down. But i don’t think i’d be interested in online / remote competition on any kind of regular basis, once the quarantine lifts. Even “just for fun” i think i’d find it way too frustrating: any time i lost a match, i’d probably end up annoyed and suspicious that the game they were playing was set up easier than mine. Even if there’s no malicious intent, different pinball machines simply do not play the same, and that’s probably going to lead me (and probably most people) to feel aggravated after a loss.

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You’re welcome to submit your scores on to here

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Oh awesome! I’ll check it out!

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What I’ve done is run a virtual tournament via Facebook for all my league members that wanted to participate. Card system, four games and all 4 games count. I gave everyone who entered 2 cards. The virtual part of it is I play all the games. I just play them for you! I chose to be TD and didn’t participate myself!

I had actual prizes with no entry fees. 1st place, Translite, 2nd place $10, 3rd place $5. I had 20 players, x2 cards, x4 games = I played 160 games over several weeks! Results can be seen here!



edited to update link.

I’ve got this selfie league goin on til 5/31. My comfort/organization level is best w/ Matchplay so that’s where it’s at. 65 players so far. Event page explains everything. I don’t log on here often so direct any questions on the event page if you wanna play - thanks. https://facebook.com/events/s/quarantopia-selfie-tournament/3128024600555118/?ti=icl


170+ players. Just sayin. Come join us :slight_smile: