Putting a player on a timeout in unlimited qualifying.


Ah, I see, the owner thought it was OK to “abuse” other people’s games but when someone gave the same treatment to his, he got upset. Interesting…


I feel like any tilt as a result of an attempt to save a ball currently in play shouldn’t warrant a yellow card unless you put the game through a wall or disrupt the games next to you. I’ve had some pretty egregious tilts that ended up inexplicably being double dangers or less where I did manage to save the ball. Generally only to drain seconds later, but that’s not the point. I’ve also triggered slam tilts off of a relatively mild slap save or for no reason at all. Granted I feel I might get the benefit of the doubt in Seattle because I’m not known as a very aggressive player generally and have never been yellow carded for any reason, but come to think of it, in the 100 odd tournaments I’ve played in I can’t remember seeing a yellow card issued to anyone, unless a stern “you need to chill the f*&# out” counts. I’m pretty sure I’ve said something to that effect before to another player and I’m not even a TD.