Pumpkin carving and Pinball art


I love carving pumpkins. I love the work of talented dot artists that bring life to such a small grid. This year I decided to try something new.

Any else carve some Pinball inspired pumpkins?


Got a little more ambitious today and did a full resolution amp to go with it. Really happy with it.


This is freaking incredible. How did you go about doing it? What tools did you use?


Ok, this is much more rudimentary than OP’s pumpkin, but here’s what I did last year. My mom liked it at least.


@jurfjurf I wish I could like this more than once :wink:


Amazing work, Ian!


Tools, I used a Foredom rotary tool. It is pedal operated tool like a dremel.

After saving the image from Pinball browser, I scaled the image up but a factor of 3, then deleted odd rows and columns. This left an image with the pixels of the image with 1 pixel spaces between them.

For drac, I manually positioned 3x3 sqaures over the image to choose how to scale it. I thought it would not have enough strength or brightness with small holes. After Drac, I realised it could be pushed a lot further. For the amp it was just left as is.

Once printed, I used a push pin to make a hole to mark the center of every hole, then I started drilling.

The amp took about 2.5 hours of drilling. I have no idea why I enjoy creating pumpkins for one day, but the fact that it is disposable is part of the appeal.


That’s amazingly intensive. I want to give it a go next year. I carved zero pumpkins this year! :frowning:


here’s my attempt at Rudy. turned out pretty well, i think, except the slits i cut for his mouth dried out and shriveled after a day, and as a result widened to look like dracula fangs. oh well!


“Real” Thanksgiving is here, which means Halloween is just around the corner. I am trying to.decide what to tackle in terms of pumpkin art. I want to try something with the detail of the amp, but a more recognisable price of art.

Got any favourite DMD clips that you think would make cool pumpkins?


Pinball smashing the martians face in AFM?


A Crazy Flipper Fingers pumpkin, carved in 2008!


I looked at it, but felt it didn’t read well as a still image. Went with this instead.


That’s nuts. Well done.


Thread bump. Anyone got cool plans this year. I started pattern work yesterday…


My wife and I did Ghostbusters themed pumpkins this year. Not as happy with it as the Martian last year, but still ok.


Here is the carving portion of the process. Only takes 3 mins :slight_smile: