Prepping Cyclone for tournament play

Any tips on this game? Really want to reduce JP value and it’s value carrying over. TIA

I remember helping set Cyclone up at Free Play Florida a bunch of years back. There’s something weird about a player not getting a replay and that boosting the jackpot value. If the game runs out of credits it then bumps the jackpot value. If the game is on free play it’s perpetually “running out of credits” because there are none on it.

From my memory you need to NOT put the game on Free Play. Instead load it up with a bunch of credits prior to tournament start, and then set the Replay value to as low as it can go. Most players will hit the replay value, and for those that happen to fall short we loaded it with enough credits that it still lasted the weekend without running out.


Couldn’t find the post, but I remember @keefer making a post explaining how to try and balance it. I remember it had some multiplayer oddities involved in the jackpot value and/or random mystery awards.

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Here’s what I do:

  1. Replay set to 100K. I also put it at max 99 credits and all four replay values. You do not want the game to hit 0 credits, that’s when the magic 1M boost comes in.
  2. Set jackpot advance to 1K. Makes it go up very slowly, and generally not enough to make TOO much of a difference.
  3. I wouldn’t change jackpot difficulty in any way so that basically it stays pretty close to 500K most of the time.

Thanks @pinwizj @keefer @PinballNarcissist

Ok I remember Keefer was talking about hurricane, not cyclone. I’ll just put my tail back between my legs and walk away :slight_smile:

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