Pre-Pinburgh Events or Practice?

Will there be any events, local club access or other good opportunities to practice for Pinburgh in town on Wednesday the 29th? Thanks.

Indeed! This isn’t my event, but I somehow found out about it on Facebook:


If you do attend pingolf, get there early as there will be a ton of people with possibly a significant wait time. Also bring food for everyone :smile:

sad to miss it, 3 hour layover on my connecting flight for some reason

There will be additional machines besides the PinGolf bank at the Pinball Factory (2319 Wharton St, Pittsburgh PA 15203). You can get Pinburgh and ReplayFX Passes at the Factory 3-5pm, then 6:30-8:30 at the Westin. There are several locations “bar crawl distance” that each have a few machines ( is up-to-date).

Decent pinball is also available at (in order of distance from downtown):
Aces, 417 Smithfield St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (closest but poorly maintained IMO)
Kickback Pinball Cafe, 4326 Butler St, Pittsburgh PA 15201
New Great Valley Lanes, 1501 Highwood Ave, N. Versailles PA 15137
Broadway Bar and Arcade, 4440 Broadway Boulevard, Monroeville Pennsylvania 15146
PA Coin Op Hall of Fame, 2284 Brodhead Road, Ste. 10B, Hopewell Township, PA, 15001

Kickback is an 18min bus ride, or a 3 mile walk. Broadway, NGV Lanes, and the CoinOpHOF definitely require a car. All are coin drop, except the COHOF which is hourly - see their web site ( ). Do not recommend Games N At as they have a reputation for poorly maintained machines. Bradish Pinball Parlor is closed on Wed, so that’s not an option even though it’s nearby.


Forgot Victory Pointe.
1113 E Carson St.
Pittsburgh, PA, 15203

Also there’s Pinball Perfection out in the 'burbs, but it’s also hit or miss as far as stuff being working.

Ace’s is not as bad as it once was.

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You will also be able to pickup / purchase your ReplayFX passes at the pre-pinburgh tournament from 3-5pm.

What’s the parking situation like there at the Pinball Factory? Alternatively, is there a good non-driving way to get from the convention center to the Pinball Factory? Looked like a somewhat far walk, but seemed like there might be a bus route between the two?

Parking at the Factory is not too bad during the day - there’s free street parking in and around the area. If you get stuck, there are garages with fairly reasonable rates ($3 for first hour, $1/hr after ) a couple blocks down around 26th and Sidney St. Parking is easy in the evening once the local businesses have closed. Bus will be a #51 but will require a healthy walk on the South Side form 18th St to 23rd St (Google Maps is reliable for scheduling). Walking will take an hour, and if you take this path ( ) you can walk on beautiful riverside trails.