Posting scores online

Do you post your scores online somewhere? If not, why? But then again, I guess it makes a lot of sense to NOT post the scores on www. :expressionless:

I started doing it on through imgur on a Swedish forum. I do take some pictures of my better scores.

EDIT: I used to run the site, back in the days. It was a lot of fun but I will definitely NOT create a new high score-site.

There’s a static dump of the database here
…the tournament-score part of the database is not in there. It’s pretty useless now anyway, I guess.

The (so-so-normalized) database is free of charge, in case someone wants it. I won’t give anyone the code though, it was written in 2003 and …well…

PS. Have fun at Pinburgh! I might show up there in the future, seems like a lot of fun. DS.


Pindigo -


Thanks! I haven’t been playing pinball the last 10 years or so, until november last year, so I haven’t been paying …eh… much attention to what’s been going on.

I’m not a big fan of smartphones and I wish there was a way to browse/search the scores on the website, but it seems like you can’t. But I’ll take that in the Pindigo-thread.

I remember the high score site. Looking through it again was hilarious. 32 examples of the word ‘hours’. Some epically huge games in there. Seems like the tournament scores were more respected back then. No bang backs, death saves or hours long games. It would be cool to see those tournament scores again, if that’s not too much trouble.

Not sure it would work now. With WiFi enabled on games, if shouldn’t be long before we see GC scores from other areas in attract mode. If this does happen, I would be more inclined to drop quarters to get a GC score. In your face from 1000 miles away. d;^)

Every connected machine will have GC - KME.

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I think I can do a dump of the tournament mode scores as well. Shouldn’t take a lot of time, an hour or so I guess. However, I’m on vacation now and won’t do it ASAP. :slight_smile: But it’s on my TODO-list as of now.

One of my personal best scores at that time was ~1.9B on The Lord of the Rings. It took around three hours. It was probably the “inoficiall” world record at that time. Two Valinors. It’s exhausting but I can focus quite well for hours.

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Pindigo is the best, worth the Patreon donation every month.

I agree and love that it keeps track of the machines by location and event.