Police Force for Tournament Play

Hello folks!

I ran a charity tournament yesterday and when I arrived to test the six games we were using I discovered Taxi was broken. We went ahead and substituted it with Police Force. I went through the Adjustments and made sure Adjustment 11 - Extra Balls was set to None. Im not very familiar with the game and I discovered two issues:

  1. Some folks would play this game in groups and there is a feature to steal peoples score? If this is the case, is it possible to disable this feature?

  2. People were still able to obtain an extra ball by using a rollover on the in-lanes when the Extra Ball insert was lit.

Any feedback would be appreciated. thanks!

  1. No way to disable this, as far as I know, but you can change the setting so the number of ramp (?) hits to do it is improbably large.

  2. Not sure.

Yeah its just not a good tournament game. You could let people play it one player

I think with the score stealer adjustment, it’s fine for casual tournaments.

Outside of that issue, though, you should be concerned that people will just spam the center ramp over and over, which can be pretty boring for all involved.

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I found it fun for a casual tournament. For any player uptight about the score stealing, I just let them play as a 1-player.