Podcasts that focus on competitive pinball

What are the best pinball podcasts that focus on competitive pinball?

I’m looking for podcasts that discuss rules, tournament strategies and maybe go through recent big tournaments to discuss the games top players played? Ideally it would be from the perspective of a strong player who regular travels to top tournaments and circuit events.

Coast2Coast pinball used to do some of this. Ray Day’s Do or Die Pinball podcast did a lot of it too. But those have both ceased.

There are so many pinball podcasts now but most seem to focus on home play, mods, discuss rumors for the next new game that is coming out or just hanging out and playing pinball while drinking beer with friends.

Those can be fun sometimes. But I’m looking for more of a focus on tournaments, rules and strategy.

Any ideas are appreciated.


Triple Drain podcast will usually summarize any tournaments that they played in, Final Round podcast sometimes talks about ifpa related things and big tournaments… the Ray Rae Show is 100% tournament talk and is essentially do or die 2.0


What @raydaypinball said. Also, the Slam Tilt podcast also spends a decent amount of their time discussing competitive pinball.