Playing Out of Turn on Ball 1

And on the topic of when does the game start, what if when P1 is adding players or just afterward the ball auto launches. Do the same rules apply as if it were an auto launch later in the game? As TD I would tend to allow a restart of the whole game if P1 immediately called out the malfunction and made no attempt to take control and let the ball drain. I would want to determine if there was a mechanical issue with the game before it starts.

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and what about tilt warning when adding players?

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When it happens, we will decide. Imo, that’s as likely as an earthquake causing a tilt warning while the game waits for the first plunge.

Same, but remember you can open the game and change to 4 balls to keep the same game in tact, but I’d just reset the game and get a fresh game on there. Maybe see if you can see why it autolaunched really quick too and try to fix it.

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What if a player playing out of turn plays for more than 3 minutes? Technically, shouldn’t the player that was supposed to play the ball be deemed as absent and get a zero on that game?

This gave me a good laugh. I believe that standard practice is to count the three minute period starting from when the TD is made aware that someone is absent, although when I read the actual rules I find that they are a little ambiguous on this. It says if a player is absent they “will be awarded three minutes”; “will be awarded” does sound like it involves the TD actively being present to “award” the three minutes but it does not come right out and say it. So I guess if the accepted practice is for the TD to be the official counter of the three minutes, this problem won’t happen because the TD should also be aware that someone is playing out of turn. But if it really is just “three minutes have elapsed” then I suppose I have to give you this one!