Pinvasion V - Stern Pro Circuit - June 8-10 - Atlanta GA

General Information:
Takes place during The Southern-Fried Gaming Expo at Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta, GA. June 8-10th.

All 3 will be Unlimited Herb Qualifying with a PAPA Finals Format utilizing Drains Tournament Manager with self queuing. (1) Main (Stern Pro Circuit) - A & B Divisions (2) Classics - A & B Divisions (3) Women’s
*More information on our Facebook page and website.

Group Knockout Charity Tournament on Classics/Women’s Banks will take place on Sunday. We’ll limit participants to machines x 4 and anticipate 32. No cash prizes will be awarded for this charity event.

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Earn tournament entries by volunteering to be a scorekeeper!:

Game 1 for Main - Bram Stoker’s Dracula

  • Games are subject to change and we’ll update ASAP if this does occur…

Besides cash and swag to our top finishers we’re proud to partner with Double Danger Pinball to provide the hardware which will be revealed as we get closer to the event.

“Double Danger Pinball Accessories is a provider of pinball centric apparel and accessories.”
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Such a well run tournament! Having it in its own private area last time made it even better.

Question: If I won B last year, that means I have to qualify for A or nothing this year, right?

Hello @pinballr, Thanks for the compliment!

If you played in B last year you can qualify and play in B this year as long as you’re not IFPA rank restricted. We plan to restrict B to participants ranked ~500 and higher.

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Is there a games list yet?

We have 8 of the 9 games confirmed for the Main which we’re going to tease out with sponsors over the next couple of weeks. We have to keep the hype somehow. :grin:

We’ll reveal the Classics and Women’s next week.

The second game we’re planning for the Main Event is Wheel of Fortune.

We’d also like to introduce FireFold who is a new sponsor for this year’s event. has thousands of Networking and Home Audio/Video products for sale
-FireFold Tech & Repair offers computers and cell phone repair
-FireFold Technologies provides IT consulting services
-Firefold Technologies will provide consulting and installation of Audio/Video equipment for your home or business.

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With the Indy 500 taking place today it’s a good time to reveal our third game for the Main Event which shares the same name.

Another new sponsor we’re proud to have on board is Titan Pinball who offer Silicone Rubber Rings, post rubbers and other pinball accessories including the Pinmat. Please check out their sites for more information!



We’re proud to announce that a team from PAPA will be joining us at the event to provide streaming services!

Our tentative schedule:
Women’s Finals Top 8 – Sat. at 2:30pm
Main Finals 1st Round – Sat. at 9:30pm
Main Finals Top 16 – Sunday at 9:00am

We’ve updated our Facebook site and Website but also wanted to post here to let you know that the Main Finals will consist of games from the Women’s Event and games from Main Qualifying. Participants who are playing a game in the finals that they were ineligible to qualify on will be given 30 seconds of practice prior to the game starting.

Now onto our 4th game that will be in Main Qualifying which is Surf ‘n Safari Pinball.

Our next sponsor is CoinTaker who are a Distributor for Chicago Gaming Company, American Pinball and Stern Pinball. They sell LED’s, any many mods and accessories for your pinball machine!



We’ll reveal two additional games for our Main Tournament this evening which are The Shadow and World Cup Soccer ’94. We have a pair of new Stern’s which will be revealed this weekend and the Classics and Women’s will be revealed early next week.

Our next sponsor is Save Point Video Games located in Charlotte, NC who buys, sells and trades used video games, consoles and accessories. They have a retail store but also utilize Facebook to show their latest arrivals which they’ll ship. I’d recommend giving them a like to see the daily goodies that are available for purchase and trade



Our two new Sterns that will be in the Main Event will be Iron Maiden Premium and Batman ’66 Premium.

Abari Game Bar also located in Charlotte, NC has over 20 pinball machines (set to 50 cents), 30 arcade games and a Killer Queen. An IFPA Selfie League, Monthly Weekday Evening League and a Monthly Weekend Tournament are hosted here. They have a full bar and excellent customer service. If you’re in the area and looking for the largest selection of arcade games, they’re the best!



Let’s go ahead and reveal the final two games planned for our Main Event which are Williams Indiana Jones and Hoops by Premier. The Women’s and Classic Event games will be revealed tomorrow night!

Our next sponsor is Comet Pinball who offer a large collection of LED bulbs and products to brighten up your games. Owned and operated by a fellow collector, player and enthusiast they strive to provide the best products, pricing and customer support. If you haven’t already, please check out their Website below and give their Facebook page a like!


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OH BOY. I predict I’ll have about 12 consecutive games of Hoops before I get any kind of good score (judging by the last time I played this in a tournament). :rofl::sweat_smile::joy:


The games we’re planning for the Classics and Women’s Events are below. For qualifying your Top 7 scores out of the 10 machines available will be counted, 4 out of 6 for Classics and all 4 for Women’s. As always its possible we’ll make event time changes but will do our best to communicate any via here, our website and Facebook. thanks!

Black Knight
Pro-Football (Gottlieb)
Sky Jump (Gottlieb)
Wild Fyre

Fireball 2
Team One (Gottlieb)

Square Clover Inc. offers hosted phone services, IT Managed Services and structured cabling services for a building of any size. There located in Charlotte, NC but handle work in the Southeast. Check out their site for more information!



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Thanks to our sponsors we’re able to offer some cash bounties:

Main Event
Top Qualifier - $50
Top Qualifier on a designated game which will be labeled - $25

Classics Event
Top Qualifier - $50
Top Qualifier on a designated game which will be labeled - $25

Women’s Event
Top Qualifier - $50
Top Qualifier on a designated game which will be labeled - $25

Additional thanks go to:

Maker of our Tournament Software -
Reseller of Stern Pinballs -
Sponsor of the Circuit -
Resurrecting Competitive Pinball -
Our Expo
Sponsor of the Circuit and streaming - - Check out the show they organize at the end of July in Pittsburgh -
Portal Pinball -

Safe Travels!


Game Change Update!

Wild Fyre out, Centigrade 37

Fireball 2 out, Wild Fyre in

Women’s Event Game Change:
Jackbot out , Stern Rolling Stones in

Women’s Finals will be streamed at 2:30.

Stream -


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Thanks for the heads up!

1st Round of A Finals will be streamed at 930pm

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