PinTips upgrades

I upgraded PinTips ( ) this morning and I thought it would be of general interest to this forum since the upgrades are features requested by people using the site and not just stuff I make up in my head:

  • Recent Tips page: Show the latest 100 tips added so you can follow along with all the new stuff
  • Player profile: Now shows all tips from that player, sorted with the newest first
  • League profile: Now shows all the members of that league

I have to remember to thank all the contributors! Only 80 more tips before the site reaches 1000 pintips! I’m using pintips even on games I feel I know pretty well to remind myself how things work as I step up to a game.

Fun fact: Only one tip is in the “illegal move” category. Can you find it?


Pinbot vortex multiplier cheat, apparently. I have to admit I didn’t know about that one.

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I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I think it would be useful to have an edit function for tips that you have personally authored. For instance, I am catching a few errors in some of the tips I submitted and I’d like to correct them. I see you can push for an edit via the “Flag” button, but I’m guessing these need to be looked at and approved by someone because the change I made has not gone through yet. A bit cumbersome in that regard and I’d hate causing work for someone else because of mistakes/misinformation I am responsible for.

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You should be able to edit your tip within 60 minutes. Are you not seeing a little “edit” link next to a tip you have just submitted?

When you flag something you do have to wait for someone (well, me) to look at the report and click a button

Gotcha… I don’t think I have seen the “edit” button yet after posting a tip, but I have been bouncing from game to game pretty quickly. The ones I wanted to edit were a week old, which probably explains why the option wasn’t available when I needed it.

Clicking the “Find on Pinball Map” shows me the HTML source of some page for a few seconds, then reverts to the “PinTips is determining your position” overlay. Seems to be reproducible in all the random browsers I found on this PC I’m on right now.

IE9 doesn’t seem to respond to any clicks on any machine name.

I don’t know if there’s some other dedicated public place for bug reports, so I’m just writing here. This is an awesome resource, and I hope it will make those secretive tip things obsolete in no time.

Can you email me at with the info around geolocation (screenshots, browser version etc)?

For IE9 I can say off the bat that you should upgrade to something newer. I can’t write software for a 5 year old browser unless someone is paying me big bucks and PinTips is paying exactly zero dollars :slight_smile:

Sure thing, the IE9 issue just came up while checking out the other thing on this PC that isn’t mine (I swear ;))


1000 tips :tada: . I’ve also been checking it before tournaments even if I know the game, loving it.