Pintastic tournament

Forgot to let everyone know. This weekend! Old school papa style qualifying. 12 game bank. 5 game ticket. 10$ an entry. Qualifying 12-8 Friday and 10-2 Saturday. Finals start Saturday at 3. Top 24 qualify. Top 8 get a bye. Finals are a head to head best of 5 bracket. We will have full streaming with commentary on Timballs channel.

Side tournament on a pair of linked NBA fastbreaks. Split pot with the Andrea Ritz Clinics in Paraguay charity. Battle a buddy on the two fastbreaks. 1$ per player per entry. You and your. Issues combined score is your entry score for the side tournament.

Game bank

Bow & Arrow
Demo Man (Claw disabled)
Dialed in LE
Dirty Harry
Alien Poker
Harley Davidson (Bally)
Viper (Stern)
EIghtball Deluxe


Thanks to all our volunteers and @kdeangelo for his great software and support. And congrats to Eric Stone for the victory. Phil Birnbaum sure gave him a run for his money. Believe @timballs has archived much of the finals on YouTube and the rest can be found on his twitch stream at

We had around 125 players and over 3K in the prize
Pool for the top 8 along with trophies for the top 4.
Things seemed like they went off without any major issues that I saw besides the odd malfunction on Harley Davidson. If anyone has any feedback about the event, game choices,format or anything else please let us know. We might change the finals format a bit next year to better suit the “rumble” name ;). Stay tuned.


Seemed like every time I looked at the monitor @kdeangelo had added another feature to the player cards. Next time I need to make sure I’m training people on how to change the screen content during the qualifying period, and I have to make sure those people aren’t children who are playing with fidget spinners the whole time.

Great event, @JSwain and everyone else involved from the Sanctum crew!

@timballs , thanks for the stream and congrats on top 3 finish.

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