Pintastic Tournament Game List (Feedback?)


If someone collects a 4 million solar value they earned it. We use it in all our events. It has modified ROM to reset solar value every game.

We spend lots of time and really think out our selections. This isn’t done on a whim. Bobby Orr and baseball may be high variance games but it’s not like it’s a flipperless or something. In fact I wouldn’t say Bobby Orr is high variance at all. Plenty of control in that game. Just as much as any other classic Bally.

Tron MM. these are games we’ve used before in previous year. We make it a point to not repeat games. We want a variety of games from all eras and focus on games that aren’t in every tournament. We haven’t used maiden yet but it’s been used in most of the major tournaments since it came out. We’ve seen it enough lately. Maybe we will pull it out next year when it’s popping up less.

We strive to have a bank that every player can pick a few game out and be in their wheelhouse. Not too heavy in any one area so people never have to leave their comfort zone in qualifying.

Hope that explains our choices and puts you at bay.


Any thoughts/concerns or feedback after this weekend? Always strive to put on the best event I can and hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. I haven’t had a chance to see how the stream worked out but my initial thoughts seem like Mark from On Tilt did an amazing job for what we work with.

I’ll get full result posted soon. Congrats to our winner Eric Stone the repeat champ and to Steve Bowden for the TNA charity victory. I loved the idea @pinwizj mentioned here. It worked great and Steve managed to destroy 6 reactors solo beating out several 4 player teams including his OWN 4 player team!


Nice lineup overall, somewhat confirmed by the scores posted and the lack of long lines for any games during the event. Since there was no separate Classics event, it was good to had a bunch of older games in the mix. It did seem a bit heavy on 1980’s games, but I didn’t mind that. I thought the PowerBall on Bobby Orr was fine.

Of course, we still don’t know what builds the Jackpot on Transporter. Maybe someone on the board here or one of my contacts knows.


I wanted to say thanks on what I thought was a fun tournament.

I thought the game selection was very eclectic, and that’s what made it interesting. Pair that with the PAPA Card format, and you really had to put together a string of good games on some very tough titles in order to make it.

I thought the games (at least the solid states and EMs that I stuck with) all had appropriate tilt and difficulty settings.

I appreciated having a bank of chairs available for patrons to sit in. It made waiting for games much easier (and something we’ll look to emulate at PinFest next year if we can).

The lines appeared to be short for the majority of the event; I think the lowest position I queued into was #4, and that near the end of qualifying.

The NeverDrains software worked great as always.

The volunteers were great; I think there was only one moment I saw where there were seven people with hands raised waiting for a score and only one person taking scores, and that’s because a second person was setting up a third person with a iPad to scorekeep. Things cleared up fairly quickly after that. A big thanks to the volunteers! It seemed like the same group of people stuck around to scorekeep during both days of qualifying, which is awesome to see that many dedicated volunteers at the event.

Overall, a fun event that I’d go back to again if we decide to attend Pintastic next year.


Thanks Corey. Appreciate the feedback. It’s amazing the community I have surrounding me. True dedication and I owe them a ton in how things run at my events. I’ve been very fortunate that I done have to have open calls and set a rigid schedule with my help for scorekeeping. We all stick around here the whole time and give each other breaks as we need. Well at least them. I avoid breaks myself at all costs if possible. It’s a small army but it’s a hell of a dedicated one.

We also have a great relationship with the show. I’ve been with Gabe (and originally Derek) since the first year. He knows what a good tournament can bring and gives us what I say we need with no questions asked. I’m involved in the show planning all year long.

During a few of my stints in some crunch hours I saw a couple games go 5 deep once or twice but those were mostly on quick old ones like Dolly. Occasionally I’d have an open game even with no queues. I’m glad the games seemed fair and balanced.

We for the most part had theee scorekeepers at a time. Maybe only 2 during some slower mid Friday times. I think that time you saw all the hands up is where we lost a bit of connectivity with most of the iPads for a minute. I’m glad we were able to get them back up and running in a flash. I was ready to start setting up data plans on any phone or device I could find :slight_smile:


We did hit a bit more 80’s than any other decade. Another EM could of been enjoyable too. It was. nice figuring out the odd rules of how the pop bumpers are lit on baseball with you. I really enjoy that game and think it was the biggest grumble I heard initially but think it got a bit of alreciate from a few more this weekend. Transporter will never be figured out I bet :slight_smile:


Game manual says the Jackpot Advance value is adjustable between 3K-9K. Factory is 5K. But I don’t know what switches advance the jackpot… all of them??


Yeah we tried with glass of for a long time. It was at 1.5 mil. Started with top rollovers. Once bonus X was maxed the next set raised the jackpot. After that we could never advance it again. Did it so many times at the rollovers. Nothing. Drops over and over. Nothing. Spinner nothing. Ramp shots nothing. Whirlpool ramp nothing. I never saw it go up again. All I saw was Eric stone collect 1/2 mil jackpots over and over all day during finals :blush:


Did you try all of this in multiball as well as not in multiball?




I tried to figure this out at the sanctum a long time ago. I’ve only ever seen it increase after many games following a jackpot collect, but never from something in game. I think it may only advance during attract mode.


We need @soren to do some ROM detective work. Perhaps it is bugged?


Well. Watching the FIFA World cup. Attending a four day music festival. And travelling on vacation.

But, curious as usual. Later. :wink:


Transporter the Rescue jackpot is initialised at 500K.
Builds by top lane switches, unless it is top lane completion, by the value of Adj 39 (1K to 99K).
Builds cross-balls, cross-players, cross-games and cross-power cycles. To a max of 4M.
Resets on collect. In line with other games of that era.

The jackpot is also bumped by 1M, if sub 1M, by a feature I have yet to identify. Maybe someone who knows the game can step in. This might be unused though.

Now, I do not quite follow what started this debate. Was it a situation where the jackpot did not increment? Or did not reset? Either situations seem to go against the design of the game. Aka, a bug. I do not know the game that well.


Maybe it is tied to the skill shot? I know the game flips out if you hit it, but it is unclear what it gives you. Maybe it works like Mousin


It was played extensively during finals. Eric Stone especially enjoyed it with jackpots over and over. At 500k each it takes forever to get to 14 million as jackpots aren’t quick or easy.

We took the glass off and tried to find what raised the jackpot but like we said we raised it one increment on the Backglass by messing with the top lanes just once. Many top lanes later it still wouldn’t raise. I see you found a setting adjustment to raise it 1k to 99k per rollover. I’m guessing this one is set rather low and will have to look into that adjustment.

As far as rules go it’s not complex but never explained well anywhere to people. Top lanes advance bonus X. A completion of the two 3 bank drop targets with rescue letters on them lights a lock on left ramp. Repeat for lock 2. Two lock and multiball is lit on right saucer under upper playfield. During multiball knocking down drop targets in order to spell rescue awards jackpot.

The only other real feature of the game is hitting the right saucer to feed the upper flipper. Then a cross playfield walkway shot to the whirlpool bowl. As it spins in whirlpool it keeps advancing the excelerator target value. Can be raised to max 1 million. When cap is reached game times down a window for you to hit big green x target to the right of ramp. Hit it to collect excelerator value that you spun whirlpool ramp too.

Collecting that 1 million excelerator DOES NOT raise the jackpot value. We were sure to check that.


Sounds like Eric’s kind of game. Try playing Grand Lizard with him sometime, but really, don’t.


Last year it was scorpion. In fact scorpion was in the same exact spot as transporter was this year. Think I found the secret :wink:

We also found an interesting thing in dredd on one of his matches. It 100% happens every time something is done in a certain order. I need to explore and see if it does it in reverse order and know truly if it is the actual rules to the game or more of a bug than intention.


Does it have to do with modes starting / stacking during multiball?


Here’s what we found.

Play multiball. Defeat all judges. This starts ultimate challenge immediately. Once out of ultimate challenge then finish playing all the modes you have left to complete the chain links. This then starts ultimate challenge as well. This is where it got interesting as I have never done both in a game before. When he drained out of ultimate challenge it DID NOT reset his modes and ultimate challenge was lit again to start at the alternating mode shot. The game awards you ultimate challenge for every mode for the rest of the game. The ultimate challenge points collected add up cumulitevy between all ultimate challenges and are award at bonus at end of ball.

What I need to do now is play all modes FIRST then after that ultimate challenge play multiball and beat all 4 judges and see if you are awarded the same thing.

At this point I’m not sure if it is bug or actual rules as a reward for competing both tasks in the game.