Pintastic Tournament Game List (Feedback?)

Pintastic tournament is coming up June 29/30. Old papa style qualifying. Unlimited entries 5 games a ticket. 10$ a ticket. Finals for top 24 go into a head to head best of 5 single elimination bracket. Everything is staying the same for the 4th year running except the game lineup. No repeats in 4 years so far.

Baseball (Gottlieb EM)
X Men
Old Chicago
The Incredible Hulk
Dolly Parton
Transporter The Rescue
Pinball (Stern Electronics)
Judge Dredd
Bobby Orr Powerplay

Also looking into a side charity donation event on TNA. Dollar an entry. Highest number of reactors destroyed wins. Would people be interested in it enough to warrant bringing it? Last years side tournament on the link fastbreaks raised 100$ and we had a donor match the donation which was nice and could try for that again.


LE, right? Gonna disable the moving ramp and set it to virtual locks?

Yes, please. Tiebreaker = total points? I hereby guarantee you’ll beat last year’s charity total. You could probably make it $2/game and it’d still be played nonstop. Or at the very least >50% of what it would be played at $1/game.

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Yes x men on virtual locks. LE Ramp is enabled but has been modified so that it still triggers an inlane when hit like the pro.

Yes tiebreaker on score if reactor number is tied. 2$ a game is probably a good idea. I also contemplated who ever hits the highest reactor number first holds the spot and only way to do better is to beat that reactor number. Only issue is if we actually have someone hit 9 charity event is over!


Awesome! At least on the latter. :slight_smile:

King of the Hill is interesting, but definitely has its downsides.

What about making it more like last year’s NBAFB combined score thing and having people play as 2-player co-op groups? $4 per game/$2 per player. You might not get as many entries as you would with single-player games, but the team aspect was a fun diversion last year.

Co-op mode on . . . players can sign up for a 1-player game for $1 . . .2-player game for $5 . . . 3-player game for $10 . . . or 4-player game for $20.

Best player OR team wins! :slight_smile:


I really like this idea.

How much does Jim (or the charity) pay @bkerins to only play at the end of the qualifying period?


Bowen can’t make it for work commitments like every year ;).

I like your thinking on that josh…

Anyone can play a 4 player game themselves for 20$ or find 1-3 partners attack it that way…

Interesting idea on allowing the co-op mode entries. But I wouldn’t allow a single person to play a 4-player game themselves… that takes away from the most fun aspect of the co-op mode: cheering each other on and sharing in the highs/lows of the game.

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I need a lot of parts for my Pinball project game. If the owner has any extra parts would you help me get in touch with them?

Sorry I’m on the hunt for one single plastic. Other wise the game is complete. It’s a bear to search for parts with that title!

It definitely would be more fun to see people teaming it.

One mistake. Eight Ball Deluxe is being swapped out for Bobby Orr Powerplay

Powerplay or Powerball?

You know us. Bobby Orr powerball obviously.


Agreed. Did this with Robert, Phil and Colin at Cactus Jacks on Sat night after the tournament was over for the day. I wasn’t a very big fan of the game in general but even I have to admit that was a blast. We only had time for 2 attempts. First was a major fail but we had reactor 9 going on the second attempt but just coulnd’t blow it up. Super fun.

Clarification, is this most reactors by any member of the co-op or total?

It’s the total. A Co-Op games tracks progress and all scores through all 4 players as one player. Better odds obviously in a Co-Op but it’ll cost you more. More money for prize pool. More money for charity and encourage people to try out co op mode and see how fun it really is.

You coming out for the event Bob?

Also as a bonus the Jane D. Weiss Family Foundation will be matching our donations to the Andrea Ritz Clinics in Paraguay for this side event on TNA. Big thanks to our local Holly Danowski for making this happen.


Bowen will be at Pintastic for Friday only. Giving a demo on TNA play in the Seminar Theater at 9:00 PM.
…David Marston

Will pinbot have a fixed jackpot set?

I’m excited for this tournament but a bit puzzled by the game selection here. The Sanctum has an amazing collection of games and I guess not disparaging the game lot but Baseball? Transporter? Hard to see TRON, Iron Maiden, Medieval Madness stay at the Sanctum but Bobby Orr Powerball makes it. I expect mixes of older games and new games but Baseball and Powerball are very very high variance. And if Pinbot doesn’t have a fixed jackpot, or something close to it, it will make qualifying quite maddening if someone pops the 4 million solar value.