Pintastic has another unprecedented seminar to help you play better

We have another unprecedented seminar for the 2023 show in Marlborough, MA!
Not so supple wrist? Avoiding injury while enjoying your pinball game
Like any other hobby, pinball playing comes with its risk of injuries. Amber Lee brings their experience working as a personal trainer and group coach with keyboard-intensive IT professionals to the “table” and provides a one hour workshop on types of injuries, preventative stances, and exercises you can do regularly to avoid injury. Amber coaches IT people, who are prone to RSI’s (Repetitive Stress Injuries) in their wrists and hands. There will also be suggestions on tools and footwear. Come ready to learn and move just a little!

This year, Pintastic New England has five “big” tournaments and some smaller ones.

Amber’s seminar is scheduled for 11:00 AM Friday, ahead of all tournaments except The Plunge.
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  1. never done or known before.


  1. used to refer to an additional person or thing of the same type as one already mentioned or known about.
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True enough. Pintastic has set two different precedents!
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The video has been posted here:

Remember that Pintastic 2024 will be April 11-14.
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