Pins for Kids Charity Tournament 5/20/2018 Richmond, VA

I will be hosting Pins for Kids 6 at the Richmond Pinball Collective on May 20th.

It’s a 3 strikes group play knockout tournament. $20 entry and all proceeds will be going to our local food bank’s Weekend Backpack Program. This program provides children on subsidized lunches during the school week with meals to take home during the weekend. There will be some prizes and WPPRS, but mostly about raising some money for a great program.


How can we donate to the event if we’re not attending?

I usually get a corporate match for anything raised. I could take PayPal and add it to our total or I would suggest you donate to a local charity providing a similar service. Thanks for asking. -Taylor

Hosted Pins for Kids 6 this last Sunday. Had a great turnout and some great pinball was played. We raised $1000 for our local food bank’s (Feedmore) weekend backpack program and no drinks were thrown.
1st- Dale Geiger
2nd- Kevin Kuntz
3rd-Alex Belden