Pingolf game settings.

Hey modern pin programmers. Can we add a “pingolf” setting that would change game to 5 balls and also add the ability to skip a player that has achieved the goal already without having to plunge the ball.

For example, holding left flipper then hitting the start button. Maybe when you are holding the left button and hit start it says "are you sure you want to skip player X, and you have to hit start 1 more time to confirm.

one step further would be for it to skip that player for the duration of the game vs just that ball.

seems like it would cut down massively on pingolf tournament time.


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most games have install 5 ball (may do other things) or an easy way to change # of balls.

As for skip / remove player X? that may be an lot of coding work but can work for more then just then pingolf.

I think only game to have remove player mid-game is heighway pinball alien and that in game menu is buggy

yeah number of balls is not the problem, would just be part of the “pingolf” setting.