Pingolf app?

Is there an app or program that allows you to run a Pingolf event that allows players to input their group’s scores and keeps a running leader board?

I don’t know if it has the exact features, you’re looking for, but the premium version of MatchPlay has a “Golf / Pingolf Format” option.

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The MatchPlay pingolf format doesn’t have the usual option to allow players to submit their scores, but maybe you could just add everyone as an additional scorekeeper? Depends on the type of event you’re running and how much you trust the participants!


Thanks, I’ll check Matchplay. I could add a player from each group as a scorekeeper if need be.

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If you trust your players you probably get away with creating a shared google spreadsheet and have people fill scores into that.

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At one point I was going to try and integrate google forms with sheets to try and have players input their scores and auto-populate to my master sheet but I decided I liked having an actual scorecard (more golfy) a bit too much. This is doable though, for someone with enough coding know-how.

I think I’m just going to do a big dry erase board and have people fill in their scores as they play.