PinClash Godzilla!

It’s time for another PinClash, this time on Stern Pinball’s Godzilla!

Qualifying begins Friday, February 17 and runs through Sunday, April 2! Open to ALL STREAMERS, top 24 qualify! Qualifying is based on the best Tokyo Carnage Bonus.

$1,000 1st place prize!

Full details at


Oh man. Looks like I have to learn how to stream and use discord.

Since I don’t see anything about a required model, can you confirm that pros are eligible?

They have been in the past so don’t see why not. There is an active discussion in the Discord channel.

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Yes, both editions will work. There are certain challenges in playoffs that will be avoided if a pro vs premium match occurs.

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Awesome. Is this a holdover from an Avengers PinClash or refer to a particular format of challenges?

“In the event of a tie, participants will enter a sudden death round. Sudden death will be a round of Battle Royale Challenge using stream timers to determine the fastest or furthest finish. The in-game timer will not be used.”

Yeah…I’ll remove that

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If you get in a tie breaker you must find an avengers or you forfeit!


Wish I had a rig! This is a good challenge with it being set in Tokyo.

TIL finishing bridge, tank, and power line before a Kaiju still forces you to change cities without rematching the Kaiju.


So pumped!

Epic event Karl! We’re so lucky to have someone to do such awesome things for the community, and his awesome helpers and commentators!


I have been going over in my head you and Luke’s match (in particular the tie-breaker)… and thinking how an ideal solution would be a single timed-mode capability that could be selected at the start that would be similar to Zaccaria “bonus time” where when the timer expires, the flippers just go dead.

That could be awesome not just for this event, but also killer for things like pingolf or dollar games too.