Pinburgh registration begins today

Pinburgh registration begins today at 11am EST on the following website.


Ticket purchase went really smoothly. Well set up Mark. Did you already sell out?

Re sell out, yes, I’m waiting to see if I really needed to get up at 5 a.m. local time (Monday) for this.

I’m registered and the new reg site did work really well! My guess is sellout in 7 hours…

At the moment, we’re ahead of last year’s pace in every way. Last I checked, there’s about 100 left.

Now to wait impatiently for July…

Now to find giant rolls of carpeting…


As usual my job is easier than that of mhs :slight_smile:

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Or tiny strips of carpet, and velcro for each foot :stuck_out_tongue:

Sign up was pleasantly easy. Looking forward to it again!

34 remain before waitlist. 90 minutes in.

There are two slots remaining! Grab yours now!

Took about 2h 45min to reserve 700 spots. 17 currently on the waitlist.

I’ve had today on my calendar for weeks. Got tied up at work from 8-12, couldn’t step away even for a second. Finally logged on, sold out. Ugh. Let me know if anyone can’t use their ticket.

Hi Russell,

Your best bet is the waitlist:

We’ll end up moving through several dozen people on there before this is all over.

I’m on there. We’ll see how it goes.

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Can’t wait to party with all you guys, and best of luck to the waiting list folks

Had to get on the wait list as well. I knew I should have set an alarm for this, heh.

Damn, super quick this year. Alarm and coffee worked well.

See you all in July.