Pinburgh question

With three groups playing each bank will the time for each round be increased? Are groups going to be given specific order of play for each bank?

I’m sure the answer to question 2 is yes.

2 group banks have had designated start points for each group in the past

Rounds are now 2 hours 15 minutes each (

I remember reading the groups will be strategically placed within each bank so that the highest ranked group plays the newest game in the bank as their 4th game as to not hold up the other groups.

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Was wondering about that. I know last year some groups went past the 2 hr allotted time and with a 3rd group on the bank it seems like a real log jam could occur.

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How does the 8-10am “checkin” work? What is the deadline to arrive?

Yes, the plan is to eliminate as much of the potential logjam as possible. Logjam happens when the “top-ranked” group in a set plays really long, so some changes are being made to help with this:

  • The “top-ranked” group will start on the EM, not the most modern game, and will play the most modern game last. This means the most likely cause of logjam will only affect a single group.
  • We’re attempting to keep the path of the “top-ranked” group completely clear. Ideally this group never has to wait to start their next game.
  • Rounds are being expanded to 2 hours and 15 minutes, which is long enough to cover the few situations from 2014 where a group went past the 2 hour mark.
  • Groups are being rebalanced to keep the longest-playing games away from one another, and to balance shorter-playing games into groups with the worst suspects.
  • Players can help by arriving on time to their groups, starting promptly, moving to the next machine as quickly as possible, and alerting officials if anyone is missing.

We don’t know if this will work, but I’m hopeful; running the tournament on time is a critical part of its success. We’ll all find out soon…


Thanks for all the hard work you all put in. I had a great time last year and while I’m not a great player I love the format. Best of luck and see you soon.