Pinburgh Payouts


Be careful, you’re heading straight for a


That’s a great way to handle honest feedback! Will serve them well.


We’re still well within 60 days.

I could tell you of the complexity of coordinating and paying 218 prize payouts, as well as workers, vendors, rentals, etc… I could remind you that all of us have real jobs and this is done in our spare time. I could point out, again, that payouts are not late because we are still within the time frame.

But instead I will tell you that you, flynnibus, you specifically are causing the hold up because every time you complain I put off the payouts by one day.


Did I say you were late? No
Did you say it would take the full 60 days? No, you’ve had a policy that says ‘within 60 days’. Pardon for wondering at day 43… … you know… more than 2/3rds of the way through the ‘within’ period.

The Ad says ‘3-4 weeks for delivery’ - doesn’t make people any more tolerant to waiting the full duration or any more happy about it.

Best foot forward… all the time. It’s this kind of response that make people less and less willing to engage with the PAPA crew.


What people? I am tired of this garbage on this site. Keep it on pinside. God knows you post there enough.


So… you’re not complaining, for about the third time, about anything being late by posting an image including the words “still waiting” along with a misspelling of the event you attended, and this is your best foot?


This thread is locked. All points have been made. Move along.

Also I would like to point out that this forum is not the PAPA feedback line. If you have issues maybe just take it up with them personally?