Pinburgh Payouts


Hmm… haven’t got an email yet. Anyone else not get one yet?
EDIT: Just got it! :smiley:


still don’t like giving out so much information to collect…

Don’t like having extra sites out there we never interact with have every piece of PII on me out on the internet… DOB/SSN/etc








Can’t we just go back to the good old days of supersized checks?


Cool, I got my account all setup. Guess now we wait for enough people to sign up, and then the funds will be deposited to us all?


Payouts within 60 days of the end of the event.


Sign up on 3rd party site was simple and easy. If eventual withdraws are also this easy, seems like a win. :slight_smile:


I haven’t won any money from Pinburgh since it was cash, so this thread was actually very informative about the new process. I haven’t checked the ReplayFx or web-site to see if this information and payment/registration method is there, but I’m sure it will be soon if not already. I suggest a link in that info section that provides some of the justifications as provided in this thread as well, maybe in an FAQ section to help explain why as well.


Any word on these yet? Hopefully we don’t have to wait the 60 full days.


I got my ewallet, but there is $0 in it


Ditto: $0 in mine, too.
But even if it takes a full 60 days, I’ll still be clicking the refresh button in my browser like a madman on the morning of December 2nd.


As will I!
I was just hoping that maybe they were doing them in some order and some had got theirs before others maybe.
no worries!


Of course tried to log into this site I never use again today… couldn’t for u/p issues. STILL waiting on the reset email…

This is why I hate ‘subscribing’ to other services I have no interest in using for my own regular needs!


You could offer to donate all your winnings to the Replay Foundation and not worry about any of this . . . I hear they actually are a legit charity :slight_smile:


Imagine how long you’d have to wait if all payments were processed by hand using W-9’s filled out in terrible handwriting.


Good news!! I don’t have to image! It was done before!!