Hype. Had already started searching for flights. But then it says ‘120 Players’


Hopefully the start of rebuilding back to the biggest and best though. Good luck to everyone in round zero


yeah, 120 players is so smol. But understandable, given the situation.

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We are working to build it up, but we have to start somewhere.


Most tournaments work their way up to 120. Haha. Can’t wait to participate again !


Even more so with the boost at 128+ players. Come on you can’t fit in at least 8 more?

fix locations may top out at 120 D82 can do more then 120.

now max 120 is small for an show at an expo center.

they may need to have max 1 ticket per buy or people who group buy up to 5 per buy will cart it out so fast.

The boost makes no difference for Pinburgh because it is considered a major.

It will be 1 ticket per purchase for this year.


I updated the calendar with it, including the link.

this page says
Each $20 entry gets 8 tickets
But why does the pdf
say both
$20 gets the player 10 Tickets and For $20, each player will receive 8 Tickets?

also No tie breaking game??? I think the 6.0 rules say you must have them

Will be updated soon.

We push all of the players tied at the cutoff into the playoffs, so I don’t believe we need to break that tie as it would serve no meaningful purpose.

The 6.0 rules require tiebreakers only to get into playoffs or not or for byes or not. Doug’s right, if all tied players get into the playoffs, no tiebreaker is needed.

The tiebreakers are brutal in this format as there tend to be a lot of ties so it makes the most sense to just move all of the players that are tied for the last spot and division restrictions to A division.

Awesome pinburgh is starting back up - and It makes sense you gotta start where you can size-wize.

Little bizarre this would still be considered a major with the player cap and method of registration.