Pinburgh 2018 sob stories


That could have been one of mine. :frowning: Although mine are perfectly capable of tilting. There’s a great pic from two years ago of @phendricks consoling my then-8-year-old son about his tilt-through on Future Spa. Granted, that one was from him simply trying to save a drain, and not a rage tilt.

I’ve been able to correct/train them to quit doing rage tilts, but every once in awhile the rage comes out.


I was player 3.




I needed to play better and didn’t. Sometimes I had a little bad luck and lost but I also completely forgot about the times I won with a little good luck.

I’ll be telling this story in tournament Parking lots for years to come.


Made it into the bottom of A for day two.
Got put into a group with:
Andy Rosa
Andrei Massenkoff
Chris Tabaka

After a last place on Gator where the 3rd place score was over 5k, we played heavy metal meltdown where I proceeded to roll it and get a first place (felt good as my only goal was not to take a zero)
After a 3rd place on Black Jack we go to WPT. By this time the round was scheduled to be over and all three of the other players are blowing it up. Because all of pinburgh is waiting on us a large crowd starts to gather where I proceed to embarrass myself with a terrible score in front of 50+ onlookers.


I prefer cornering people indoors when I’m telling them a story like that so they have less of an opportunity to escape.


Made it to a division finals for the first time. I was playing really well, and survived the first 2 rounds. The third round ended in a tie, and through random luck, would be settled on the dreaded “high hand”. Suffice it to say, it did not go well for me.

Regardless, it was an incredible experience. Playing in pinburgh finals was above and beyond the most intense feeling I’ve ever had playing pinball. What a rush.


Day 1 was a trainwreck for both myself and my partner, to the point we voluntarily DQd ourselves for Friday.

I will say, the moonwalking, broken-beast Hobbit needs to be taken 'round back and put down. I lost a ball, a win, and what little post-dinner momentum I had to that POS. Two of my opponents mentioned it was a known issue last year and that Doug was informed and it was fixed. I don’t know if Doug was ever informed but it’s definitely not fixed.

Other than that one machine, and our wretched play, the show was awesome. Kudos to the organizers.


Why would you voluntarily DQ yourself?


Two reasons. My partner wound up in E division, which isn’t really the place for someone with 5+ years tournament experience and past winner of cincy league. Also, family stuff needed taken care of, and with little incentive to stay, we split.

To paraphrase Axl Rose “What we’ve got here is, failure to qualify…”


Did you at least inform the tournament desk that you were leaving? I had a friend start off in a 2-player group on Friday because of someone who thought they were too “good” to be in the division they were assigned and didn’t tell the directors that they weren’t going to play.


Wow. That’s incredibly disrespectful to the players in E and to the hundreds who wanted to play and didn’t.


Actually looking closer, no you didn’t inform the tournament directors because it was you that caused my friend to be in a 2-player group. Lucky for him it was to his benefit, unfortunately for his opponent he ended up getting a zero that round because he had to beat that 1 person each time.


Looks like Alberto Luna was the one who went 0-12 in the 2 player group. I played with him in Round 5. Super nice guy. He deserved better than this.


A lot of people I talked to weren’t in to E division despite making it.

It was an experiment. There were apparently many no shows. Maybe it’s not a great idea to continue with it next year.

As far as anybody getting zero points in a round, their consistently poor play is to blame rather than someone who didn’t even play.


Totally disagree. If you are in a 2-player group and you put up a great score while your opponent puts up a monster score you could easily argue that in a 4 player group they could’ve easily placed 2nd and received 2 points. The flip side can also be true, lets say you play shitty but the other person is playing even worse. You end up getting a 12-0 round when in a 4 player group you would’ve gotten 4. Now that screws everyone in your division.


I called into a friend who was at the desk at 9:30am and let them know we couldn’t make it. He let them know and I never heard back there was a problem. I was under the impression we had been removed, sorry that did not happen. With the apparent number of no shows, are you sure it was us two that disrupted scheduling?

As for playing in E, from what I understand, that was supposed to be purely a novice division, and my partner is not anywhere near a novice. Is it fair to novices for them to play experienced players who just happened to have one rotten day qualifying? He slipped through division restrictions because we haven’t played much lately.


Well I’d love to see these great scores your buddy managed to go 0-12 with, and the “monster scores” that a fellow E player managed to put up that ruined his otherwise stellar round.

Is it really worth getting worked up over this? It’s E division. And there were plenty of no-shows so seems silly to unleash your wrath on one guy.

The real question to me seems to be if E should exist. Nobody I talked to was very excited about it and I know of at least 3 (now 4) who didn’t bother to show up.


I was player 4 in this game. It hurt, but it was a good ruling. Turns out based on the way events unfolded - player 3 shooting unsuccessfully to reproduce the failed Satellite Multiball, and my one and done on the satellite, I don’t think getting a TD would have mattered.

There was one more piece to this puzzle, I was talking to the other 2 players in the group and none of us actually saw what happened to player 3. He turns around and asks “Did anyone see that?” When we said no he described it to us. Then he tried to to repeat it and drained.


His buddy went 12-0 and we’re talking about a C division pool in Round 6.