Pinburgh 2018 registration


Could potentially help with sandbagging as well


None of these things will ever happen. This is a tournament for all players, treated equally.


It appears to me the difference between B and C is about two major gameplay mistakes. Or maybe one beer too many. In terms of skill, significant separation seems to start around positions 80-100 in A.


I think fatigue starts to take part as well. It’s definitely tough on the body


I only have 2017 numbers handy.

Zac Wollons started Day 2 in 209th and finished 22nd.
Andrei Massenkoff started 169th and finished 5th.
15 of the 40 Qualifiers started the day outside of 40th position.

Round 0 is starting Seed. Round 5 is position after transition to Divisions. Round 10 is finishing Position.

Filtered on A-Division Qualifiers.

Visualizing the “Journey” of those 40 players is here:


This is beautiful.


My idea is not about excluding players. Its more about taking roughly 200 players off of the ticket dash. Plus, with Pinburgh being considered a Major you would think there should be some sort of qualification for the top divisions of the actual tournament. Just like the other 3 major tournaments.


I think taking 200 tickets off the general sale is exclusion, exactly. Everyone has the same chance to get in. Merit and placement is earned during the tournament, not before.

Likewise, anyone* can qualify for any division. It’s based off performance during the event.

*Higher ranked players cannot play below a certain threshold, to keep folks from placing lower to win prize money.

Your ideas are worth considering in other tournaments, but I don’t think they match with the experience Pinburgh wants to give players.


I don’t know what’s more impressive: getting these numbers and charts practically on demand, or Zac and Andrei’s recovery last year. Thanks Corey, great stuff here!


My round 6 was terrible… I dropped down to 240. I could not believe I made it out of that nightmare.


I checked my file for 2016 and there were two players who missed the A cut by a point and were forced up but still made the final 40 for the playoffs - - Jorian and Sean Grant. A couple others made the cut on the number and got in, too. I think some on-the-cut people did in prior years, too, but I don’t have those details handy. Basically, if you make the cut for A, you’ve got a shot.

Further 2016 details [half points rounded down]:

44+ wins - - 100% - - 5 of 5
43 wins - - 60% - - 3 of 5
42 wins - - 57% - - 4 of 7
41 wins - - 50% - - 3 of 6
40 wins - - 57% - - 4 of 7
39 wins - - 20% - - 2 of 10
38 wins - - 31% - - 4 of 13
37 wins - - 25% - - 4 of 16
36 wins - - 13% - - 4 of 30
35 wins - - 7% - - 2 of 30
34 wins - - 7.5% - - 3 of 40
below cut: <= 33 wins - - 33% - - 2 of 6

Grouping, we get
44+ wins - - 100% - - 5 of 5
40-43 wins - - 56% - - 14 of 25
37-39 wins - - 26% - - 10 of 39
36- wins - - 10% - - 11 of 106

Note the forced-up players are on average higher ranked than most others making the 5-round cut.


It would be awesome if top-10 or top-20 on the world ranking could get an invite.

Didn’t get a ticket last year and not this year. Can’t really bother to arrange for vacation, hotel etc with a 300-400 spot on the waiting list.

Gratz to all people getting a spot.


Just because 4 groups on 4 games isn’t viable doesn’t automatically mean 3 groups on 3 games isn’t viable.

4 groups on 4 games doesn’t work because rounds would take longer than than the currently allotted 2:15/round. This would make a 5 round/day schedule unworkable.

3 groups on 3 games would take longer than the 34 minutes/game allocated to current rounds, but might be doable at 40 mins/game. If you ran 6 rounds instead of 5, you’re talking about an extra 45 minutes tacked onto the day. You have higher machine utilization and everyone is playing 2 fewer games. This should allow for more players on the same number of games.

The tradeoff of course is players play fewer matches and have to stand around waiting longer. 3 games per bank also screws up the nice era breakdown you currently have going. There are other considerations I’m sure I’m not thinking of as well.

My only point is I don’t think 3 groups assigned to banks of 3 is automatically not viable.


I’m in, and so, so thrilled to be going to my first Pinburgh this year.

…the waitlist is up to 440 people already! When the waitlist grows over 1,000 some future year, is it time to hold two Pinburgh sessions? …or a Pinburgh “second shift?”

Incredible to see so much demand! It’s awesome!


I know that this topic has become a mix of a few topics, but I know there were some data questions so I kicked up the old thread where I had originally posted my Pinburgh 2017 analysis.

I added a link to a Google Sheet with the data that I used in the data model, including round-by-round analysis by person. If people have more data questions feel free to use that thread.


Having an invite for the “top players” - however you define that - is elitist and I don’t like it. The heart of Pinburgh is its social aspect. People who do not care about winning that cup say this is their favorite tournament all year. People who don’t usually compete outside of their local leagues travel from around the world to be here.

Who are you to say their experience is less valid than yours and they shouldn’t have just as equal a shot at getting a ticket?


Yeah, I played in B in 2016 and in D last year (absolutely no sandbagging), and I don’t think I actually got 2 divisions worse in the intervening year. :slight_smile:


Didn’t say their experience is less valid. If you look I qualified C division. So my entitled self would be in the ticket grab :wink:

What I said was get the players out of the way we all know would never go without a ticket.

You don’t like the idea of inviting A/B divisions back. Fine invite c/d divisions back and let the top guys & new people fight for spots

There are several new people that have been trying the last couple years to get tickets that again this year were unable.


I’d make one exception for a guaranteed ticket, defending champ. You won last year, you should be able to defend.

Having said that, I’m sure if you won last year then you’re glued to your chair like the rest of us and aren’t likely to miss the window…


Yes. Yes, I was. F5 F5 F5 F5 …