Pinburgh 2018 registration


Demand seems to outpace supply regardless. So just make tweaks to reduce inpacts.

Tweaks like:

50+% nonredundable portion of ticket.

Give top 20 and past top 4 early registration access. Benefits of winning. Also incentive for players and ensures teplay gets their top media opportunities. Do in it exchange for early interviews, etc for the media production.

Auction off a small grouo of early registration access passes. This give some who want to overpay to avoid hassle the ability to do so. Also helps replay… do this for like 20-50 passes.

Move to a lotto draw system instead of first in. Lotto allocation from all peoplein the queue that built over a 5-10min window. This will diffuse the rush burden.

Keep the ability to buy multiple passes.

Consider meaningful ways to capture those that dont get a ticket… but still get them to goto replayfx


I see demand outnumber supply in other hobbies. One that comes to mind is Nintendo systems around release. They sell out fast, and there’s a lot of frustrated people. Sure, they -could- charge more for their systems, but that goes against their goal: affordable entertainment for the whole family. Nintendo is notorious for using underpowered hardware to make costs cheaper. The limitations of the Super Nintendo made developers innovate in interesting ways to create their games.

I don’t think raising the ticket price is the right avenue. Concert tickets suffer this same issue. Bruce Springsteen really under charged recently, and the reason was because it’s for the fans. Yeah, you gotta be right there to get the thing, but how’s that very different than waiting for a new product outside the store on release day? I’ve been the 30th dude in line only to find out friggin Lebron James took 2 Xbox 360s so even though they had 30 I didn’t get one. (This really happened.) Even being in line doesn’t guarantee you the product, there’s a finite supply.

From the facebook threads I have seen, there are a slew of first timers this year that got into Pinburgh. That’s awesome! It’s nice that the same mix of people isn’t guaranteed, it makes the experience fresh and unique.

If y’all haven’t listened to Doug’s Pinball Profile yet, do that! He would love to raise the participants. However, that means more people running it, so they’re bringing in new blood to TD and tech. Hopefully they’ll gain enough experience that next year can be more.

Tldr; Raising the prices isn’t the best idea, imo. That’s a good way to push out the casual to starting to get good players, as that becomes so much to commit to, on top of other expenses. This might be my only tournament I travel out of state for, and I bet I’m not alone.


For people from overseas, the ticket cost is only a minor item. The real expenses are flights and accommodation.

Another idea to throw into the mix: have some number of tickets allocated to each country, maybe proportional to the number of active players. Give those countries first right of refusal for those tickets; any tickets not taken up go into the main pool. That’s basically the same idea as offering each country some spots in the IFPA world championship.


I understand where you’re coming from with overseas folks. It’s a small portion. Me, I’m on the poverty line in this country. I saved up to buy my ticket- I couldn’t even afford to buy my replayfx pass at the same time. Folks that are travelling by plane seem to have more income with which to use, and ticket price isn’t as large a factor for that reason. I mean, if someone can afford to go from Australia to Pittsburgh that’s already more money than I’ve ever had in my savings.


I don’t think it’s possible (nor would it be Pinburgh’s job) to do something about financial inequality. The reality is that people with more money always have an edge when it comes to participating in a sport or hobby. If nothing else, they can afford to buy themselves more chances.

Personally, I’m going to Pinburgh to hang out with my son, who lives in California and is a pinhead, too. So, Pinburgh is just an excuse to have a holiday that I would have had sooner or later anyway.


That’s the main reason I’m not upset about my missing out. Two local players got their tickets, and this will be their first Pinburgh, and they’re really excited.


How many people paid the $1 fee for “mobile” tickets? What’s the deal with that?


Not always. All you need is a few quarters a week to enjoy pinball as a hobby. The sport is expensive, the hobby isn’t.

Just to clarify, my post above about raising the entry fee to $500 was very much tongue in cheek. I don’t think the fee should be raised.


Heck no… I was already annoyed at the ticketing service fee.

What’s funny about not paying for a “mobile ticket”, though … the confirmation email included an “Add to Apple Wallet” button, which worked perfectly… both Pinburgh and ReplayFX tickets are now sitting on my phone waiting for July. So I guess the $1 “mobile” ticket would’ve been absolutely pure profit for them.


I didn’t read too closely, but I thought the mobile option was to MMS the ticket to you. The $1 could be the actual cost their third party charges them for MMS.


If showclix is paying $1 they need to switch SMS/MMS providers. It should be more like 2 cents to send an MMS.

Great source of revenue though!


Pinburgh Waitlist is up.


$1 is an easy thing for me to say yes to…but I also felt that I wanted to finish registration as quickly as possible for fear of a sellout (despite knowing that I had 15 minutes to complete).

But then after seeing those other fees, I wished I hadn’t.

I bet I would have said no if it was $2. :slight_smile:


Who had the over on these two guys :open_mouth:

317 Jorian Engelbrektsson
432 Daniele Celestino Acciari


Lots of other top Europeans on the waitlist, too. And Eric and KCB here.


Plus down at least two “not that ___________”

48 Steve Martin
49 Jon Stewart


840 [spots taken]
440 [on the waitlist so far]
= 1280 total

Bananas. Even if 10% of those people drop out, that’s still ~1150 players trying to play in this event.

Congrats to everyone who got in. And a small bit of good news for everyone >21 on the wait list: You’re probably bumping up at least one spot, because #21 told me he was able to get a ticket at 12:15 after adding himself to the waitlist. I let him know that he should sort this out with ReplayFX.


We should have a pool for how deep they go on the waitlist.

My guess is 45 by day of tournament.


Thinking 220 drop off from attending.


Didn’t less than 100 drop last year? I was 40 something and got in like 2 months or so before.