Pinburgh 2018 registration


I got bitten by this, too. Organisers, please add the link to the hotel block to the site next year. It’s no good if people have to know about some Facebook group to find out how to get the discounted rate. I missed out because, by the time I found out, it was too late.

Also, please clearly mention the competition days next year. It was not clear from the site whether qualifying would start Thursday or Friday.


Transferrable tickets means bot-buying and scalping though, and I don’t think anyone wants that.


I think the waitlist is only used once all spots are purchased and then someone cancels. Failing to complete at Showclix doesn’t tie into the waitlist at all.


and nothing I said would suggest people would want that.

The comment was the fact they are non-transferrable means the multiple tickets buys are unlikely to lead to group buying beyond people that really needed to be a group to start with (couples, travel mates, etc). So being fearful of ‘five!!!’ is kind of irrational fear. It’s not meaning people buying up more than they need.


It has been on the Replay FX hotel and travel page the entire time.


I looked earlier, and while there was a link to the Omni hotel, there was no link to a room block nor mention of what code was to be used to get the Replay rate. It only linked to the generic hotel website [I know, I tried it].


At replay fx under travel then under Omni if you check the word “discounted room block” it will automatically put in rates for Tuesday through Sunday then it wants you to put in card information. Now I do not know if they are sold out but you do not need a code it automatically does it for you when you click on room block.


While for some of the hard-core players it’d be fine, I think it would discourage too many family-type participants and relative newcomers from joining in. Just because you can charge X for something doesn’t mean you should.


Slow down, Shkreli. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Relax I still only get $1 per player no matter the entry fee :wink:


I’m not sure it would have that much of an impact when you factor in all trip costs.

My Pinburgh trip expenses are:

Flight - $250
Parking at the airport - $50
Hotel (split 4 ways) - $175
Breakfast at place that will not be named - $20 X 3
Lunch at place that will not be named - $20 X 3
Dinner at place that will not be named - $20 X 3
Replay FX fee - $100
Uber to/from airport - $60
Current Pinburgh fee -$120
740 bottles of water - $2 . . . then free refills from the water fountain

Raising the Pinburgh fee to $250 ($130 increase) is a whopping 14% increase on my total travel costs (not something I would consider a deal breaker).

It may impact those more local to Pittsburgh where the tournament fee is a larger percentage of their total travel costs, but for anyone flying in I can’t imagine those people not being ready to sign up at 12pm EST regardless of the entry fee costs. YMMV . . . mileage being a pretty big factor here :slight_smile:


I also imagine an extra $100+ is easier for someone who expects to be in the money at the end too…

For many pinburgh is just an experience… the price is going to have a direct correlation to people saying “is it worth it to me?”

Considering the degrees I see people going to to save a few bucks at the show… I imagine an extra 100+ in up front fees would put a serious dent in things.


Might as well do $355 and include event weekend pass


You don’t have a bottled water sponsor yet? Companies aren’t paying attention!


That doesn’t sound like Bruggers’ Bagels. :slight_smile:


Since ReplayFX admission has been normalized (no VIP packages), would it be possible to simply include ReplayFX in the Pinburgh fee next year? Sell Replay/Pinburgh tickets for $220 (or whatever next year’s numbers are). If nothing else, this would save everyone the $10 fee for the extra ticket.


that is substantially cheaper than most of us west coaster :wink:


Or us Canadian’s eh!!!


Or try $3K coming from Adelaide, Australia. Maybe next year I’ll get there.


Why stop at $250? If they get Supreme to sponsor the tourney, they can charge $500 a pop, give everyone a Supreme tote bag and it will sell out even faster. Go big or go home.