Pinburgh 2018 registration


I’d propose raising the prices for direct buy-in, and holding a number of lower fee satellite events that award entry tickets in the run up to the main event.

This means more people can get a shot at entering the main event via the satellites. It means there is a higher prize pool thanks to the higher entry fee for direct buy in, though still allows people to buy in to the larger comp via satellites for a discounted price.

These satellite events could also be international, with tickets pre-paid for and distributed to event organisers around the world (who may wish to further juice the pot by including money for hotels/air fare in the prize money).

This is exactly how the large poker events run, and I’m pretty ecstatic that Pinburgh has proven itself more than popular enough where this seems feasible. I’m also of the opinion that a larger prize pool will attract more attention from media and give Pinburgh even more prestige as THE pinball event of the year, much like the WSOP is the poker event of the year.


I ran a Pin-Masters satellite event and would run a Pinburgh satellite event for sure!


I strongly suspect what you’re describing is illegal in PA.


What part do you see as illegal?


What about just selling tickets like a concert? Sell them, but don’t associate them with a specific player. Then, let people buy and sell them on StubHub or SeatGeek, or whatever. Then, just enroll the players in the tournament once they arrive with a ticket in hand.


If you’re going to do this, then you should just sell the tickets for a higher price instead. That way the extra money goes into the prizepool, rather than into the pockets of scalpers.


I always play a little worse the second day. It really is a marathon.


Please don’t ever do this. Please.


Maybe he’s on to something. Instead of knowing who is playing ahead of time, we can enter every single name the morning of; wait to see how many legitimate players we have; weed out any fraudulent tickets; and start round one only… twelve hours late? Or right around the time @bkerins is done talking from the stage. It’s perfect, I tell ya!


I can talk for 12 hours… or talk for 10 minutes and play game show music for 11 hours 50 minutes, one or the other.


So what you’re saying is I can go see Radiohead?


The answer is “live pinball tutorial,” duh.


Radiohead has 16 North American shows this year. Pinburgh has one. :slight_smile:


Hey Pinburgh/Replay FX has a few live shows! Who could forget Dethlehem?!


There are LIVE concerts at ReplayFX. Attend those while there. Great bands and individuals, a must see.


We need the return of the Deth.





Not how it was explained to me it was handled. But Perhaps I misunderstood as I wasn’t involved in this promotion.


I meant that they say they’re sponsoring two people to play in Pinburgh but they only bought one tournament registration :smiley: