Pinburgh 2017 Tickets on Sale December 3rd!

Or Steve Martin

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Only time I will ever be on top of Keith Elwin on players list


The waitlist is live.

299 deep!

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Wow. That’s crazy. I’m like 40 deep and I got on at like 11:45.

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Noel Steere!


Famous guy!

Wrong guy, Noel was a regular on the tournament circuit back in the late 90s/early 00s. He won Pinball Expo '99.

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If anyone’s wondering when their name on the waitlist will be called I just got called and I was 40. I’m in!!!


And that’s because Pinburgh has been increased to 800 players!


How long is the window to purchase a ticket once off the waitlist?

Whoa. 800. Hot dang.

More games/banks? Or just more density?

The number of banks is increasing. We’ve got commitments for some additional games for the freeplay area so the increase in Pinburgh games required won’t affect the overall show.

Banks will still be triple booked, the same as last year.


It should state in the email you receive.

On mine it just says your next! Click to purchase your tickets.

In the past it was 48 hours.

Absolutely insane. Pinball’s getting more and more coverage.

A lot more players too. I’m still on the waitlist, but in case I get in, I need to practice if I ever want to make any division finals!

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My question is if you only paid for a full event pass and pinburgh, is there a way to upgrade to the VIP passes minus the full event pass already paid for?

I suggest using the Contact link on, that should help.

Pinburgh is 2 months away, I’m scared of the scope of this thing. Thank you all!


I see there are some Pinburgh player names that are on both the playing list and on the waiting list. Does that mean they just haven’t paid yet?

Still picturing 800 players all playing in one event gathered up at once. Should be special.


More likely it means the waitlist isn’t fully up to date. The only way a player can get on the official Pinburgh player list is by purchasing a ticket. To get on the waitlist, all they have to do is fill out a web form.

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