Pinburgh 2017 Tickets on Sale December 3rd!

Just wanted to drop a note in here that Pinburgh 2016 tickets go on sale December 3rd at 11 AM Eastern US time.

The Pinburgh Match-Play Championship, a PAPA event sponsored by pair Networks Inc., is the largest pinball tournament in the world, featuring 280 pinball machines and 740 players battling the silverball over three days (Thurs – Sat) of competition. Pinburgh will offer plaques for all of the top finishers in each division and a guaranteed $100,000 prize pool.

Pinburgh’s match-play format offers a social experience as players from all over the world compare skills during a series of multiplayer matches spanning the first two days. On Thursday, each player will compete in five rounds, each consisting of four, four-player matches to determine the appropriate skill division for all players. Divisions will be marked as A / B / C / D, with Division A being the most skilled. On Friday, players will compete against other players solely within their own skill division in order to determine seeding for the final rounds. On Saturday, the top 40 in each division will compete in separate divisional finals.

Pinburgh will most likely sell out on day one (as it has for many years) so if your interested in getting in to this event, be sure to grab your Pinburgh registration on December 3rd!



27th-30th July, for those (like me) that don’t know the dates.

@bkerins Facebook play by play I hope :wink:

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Confidence, shmonfidence. I’m in it for the fun times. Regardless of results.


purchased! Will not make the mistake of wearing flip flops this year. Spongiest running shoes I can find.

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Sandals FTW

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Sold out

I rode a cheap pair of flip flops to the end of C finals and they were very comfortable. Did you have trouble slipping when trying to nudge games? That’s my one concern with them but so far not been a problem. Those shoes are like wearing portable fatigue pads…

Title needs to change to:

“Pinburgh waiting list 2017 Tickets on Sale December 3rd”


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INDISC spots still available! :wink:


Where can I sign up for a waitlist? I cannot believe I missed it again.


C’mon Erik, you gotta get up early for this! :smile:

Been up since 7 cleaning the house. You coming over? Haha. Set three alarms and didn’t hear them. Phone was in the other room.

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no, slipping was not the issue at all. My flops are quite comfortable, as I wear them all the time. (I live in Charleston SC) The problem was standing on that concrete floor day after day. By Saturday, my leg muscles hurt bad!

I was wondering Thursday why people had those fatigue pads. Saturday I knew exactly why. :smiley:

I’ll be wearing a pair of Adidas Energy Boost this time around.The cushion in those things are ridiculous.

Looks like it sold out in under an hour. Odd how it is never ever full to capacity when the tourney begins however. One of our guys last year was like 78th on the wait list on the morning of and still got in. And yet it was still not at capacity. So basically you could show up on the morning of and not even be on the wait list and still get in. If this year is any different I would be surprised. Especially since they increased open slots from 700 to 740.

No problem here. After 3 years we are going to PAPA instead of Pinburgh this year.

ughhh i missed it. logged on at about 11:30 but I was too late. :frowning:

Can they set up a couple more banks and make an E division?

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Pinburgh is actually one of the best tournaments for people in your situation. It’s structured so that each round you’re regrouped to play with people closer to you in ability. And, regardless of how you play, you’ll get at least 40 four player games. So, even if you don’t win it all, you get lots of chances at little victories along the way, and everyone comes home with a great story.

Hope you change your mind! (At least, for next year)