Pinburgh 2017 Banks - Links to Informational Sites


I added Aces & Kings and Aerobatics earlier


I added Doozie last night.


Also added Miss-O.


I made a few updates to the site tonight:

  • Added links to Rules on where they exist
  • Updated new links to PinTips and PinballVideos - If any are missing please let me know!
  • Cleaned up some incorrect links
  • Stylesheet Updates, including distinct coloring on available and unavailable links

My goal is to do an update on Sunday, and a final update on Tuesday. Also, a huge thanks to the people that sent across donations! I greatly appreciate the positive attention that this is getting, but let me know if anyone has any other comments.


I tried to upload it, but it rejected document type files. I tried to cut and paste it, but all of the formatting went away. How can I get it into the wiki and preserve the formatting?

BTW, my games list is as follows:

  1. 300
  2. 2001 / Dimension
  3. Aces & Kings
  4. Aerobatics
  5. Amigo
  6. Aquarius
  7. Argosy
  8. Atlantis
  9. Aztec
  10. Bank Shot / Sure Shot / Spot Pool
  11. Big Indian / Big Brave
  12. Blue Chip
  13. Bow & Arrow
  14. Captain Fantastic
  15. Card Whiz / Royal Flush
  16. Centigrade 37
  17. Cosmos
  18. Doozie
  19. Dragon
  20. Drop-A-Card / Pop-A-Card
  21. El Dorado / Gold Strike / Target Alpha / etc.
  22. El Toro
  23. Fast Draw
  24. Fireball
  25. Flicker
  26. Flip-A-Card
  27. Freedom
  28. Fun Land
  29. Grand Prix
  30. Hang Glider
  31. Hi Lo Ace
  32. High Hand / Captain Card
  33. Hokus Pokus
  34. Hot Line
  35. Hot Tip
  36. Jack In The Box
  37. Jacks Open / Jumping Jack
  38. Jet Spin
  39. Jungle Queen / Jungle Princess
  40. King Kool
  41. King of Diamonds
  42. Knockout
  43. Liberty Bell
  44. Little Chief
  45. Little Joe
  46. Melody
  47. Miss-O
  48. Monaco
  49. Night Rider
  50. Old Chicago
  51. Pat Hand / Satin Doll
  52. Poker Plus
  53. Prospector
  54. Safari
  55. Scuba
  56. Sinbad
  57. Sky Kings
  58. Skylab / Spacelab
  59. Snow Derby / Snow Queen
  60. Soccer
  61. Space Race
  62. Strato-Flite
  63. Super Straight
  64. Surfer / Surf Champ
  65. Target Pool
  66. Time Zone
  67. Triple Action / Star Action
  68. Volley
  69. Wizard
  70. Zig Zag


Email it to me and I can do something with it. gdd at heyrocker dot com.


It’s “Attila” with two t’s. :frowning:

But thanks for adding all these notes! :slight_smile:


Being ok at pinball /= being ok at spelling things. :disappointed_relieved:


@BMU sent me his playing guide and holy crap what a document! Insanely useful. I converted it to PDF and you can grab it below. It has tips for basically all the EMs in Pinburgh, so someone should be able to convert those to pintips pretty easily.

Bob’s Guide to Playing EMs.pdf (240.5 KB)


Added Butterfly, El Dorado, Hang Glider, KISS (Bally), Nip-It, Raven, Hi-Lo Ace.


Looks like the advice for the drop targets on Volley is actually for Jacks Open :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice PDF I’ll definitely be giving it a read!


Hi Everyone! I’ve made some more updates tonight.

3.0 - 2017-07-24

  • EM Guide/PAPA Rules - Added links to a PDF created by @BMU which contains a majority of EMs, and is marked with “EM Guide” on the listing in place of “PAPA Rules”
  • Updated new links to PinTips and Pinball Videos - If any are missing please let me know!
  • Cleaned up some incorrect links

Good luck to everyone playing, and let me know if there are any additions on the source sites the next 24 hours or so!


Great Resource! All you need to add links to the the super-secret-FSPA-tips, and you have everything available for everyone.


Hi Everyone! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for a great Pinburgh.

It was great in the first round to have all three of my opponents say that they’ve been on the site and were using it. Then, it was terrible to hear that all three of my opponents were now using their newfound knowledge against me, ha.

In the spirit of what @haugstrup shared about PinTips, here’s the graph of hourly access to the site. I guess there’s a bit more demand during a round?

I threw the site together relatively quickly, but my intention is to keep this information up for anyone else who wants to use it, especially the alphabetical listing for any games you might encounter out in the wild.

My focus for the next few weeks is going to be on organizing the <shameless plug> PinCrossing Summer Classic in Linfield, PA on August 26 </shameless plug>, but please feel free to pass along any feedback, as I hope to evolve the site ahead of PAPA 21.


I’ll send you my EM update when it’s ready. It’ll be a while. Thanks.


Hey Everyone,

I know that we’re about two months away from Pinburgh, but it’s never too early to start studying up on games!

I have been working on an improved web interface with a responsive design and am sharing it here. I’d appreciate if people were able to look at it on various different types of devices and let me know of any obvious problems or issues with the site.

Please note that these are 2017 Banks and Games! I have NO knowledge of what 2018 Banks and Games will be, but I want to be able to get the framework of the site up and running so that when games are announced I can pivot quickly to get the site content updated.

I also have a page which lists games that I don’t have information for on some of the key sites:

The missing machine list covers:
Pinball Videos
PAPA Rules -or- Bob’s EM Guide
PAPA YouTube Tutorial or Gameplay Video
IPDB (all 2017 machines covered)
Pinside (all 2017 machines covered)

@BMU, if you think you’ll be publishing an updated version of your EM Guide, a.k.a. “Bob’s Excellent Guide to the Wonderful World of Electro-Mechanical Machines”, then please let me know.


I love this resource so much and regularly use it as my starting point for game tips even in non-Pinburgh settings. Thanks for keeping it updated!


Yes, I’m doing an update to my EM guide; I’ll keep you and the folks here posted once it’s near ready. So far, I’ve added at least 40 machines and more general game play and technique information as well.