Pinburgh 2017 Banks - Links to Informational Sites

Hi Everyone! I’ve cobbled together a basic listing of all of the banks for the announced games with links to informational sites that I am sharing with everyone ahead of Pinburgh. The idea is that you’re looking at it on your mobile phone while at the event, hence the small screen size.

You can sort by Bank or by Name, and it includes:

  • Pinside
  • PinTips
  • Pinball Videos
  • IPDB
  • PAPA YouTube, if a specific Tutorial/Gameplay/Competition video exists

Essentially, you could easily Google or go directly to those sites, but I wanted to compile everything together in a simple list for easy access for me during Pinburgh and I figure I would share with anyone who wants access.

If you end up using the site during prep for or during the event, I am currently restoring a broken Eight Ball Deluxe, so please consider throwing a few dollars towards “Corey’s Pinball Parts Fund” by finding me at Pinburgh or through you favorite money transfer service:

Disclaimers: Information and links are provided as-is. Information about the machines (especially IPDB) was made by using best-guesses, and may point to a similarly-named machine. Some links may not work or may direct to the wrong game.

Feel free to report any errors that you might find. I know there are some recent updates to Pinball Videos and PinTips that I haven’t captured yet, and I’ll try to do one more “sweep” on Tuesday night to pick up any last minute additions.

Looking forward to seeing people at Pinburgh!



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This is amazing! The only addition I would add is the rule sheets at, which are usually my go-to resource when they exist. However those are most often linked to from IPDB anyways, so they’re not strictly necessary I suppose.

Excellent resource! Thank you!


This is fantastic!

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You are wonderful!

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Nice work!

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This is one of the greatest links I’ve ever seen. THANK you for doing this!!!


If someone adds new pintips for a machine that didn’t have them when this was created, will it update automatically or do you have to add them by hand?


First, I appreciate the positive praises that people have given!

I’ll also try to add in the links to the Players Guide over the weekend.

As for PinTips, right now I have a spreadsheet with a lot of VLOOKUPS against a previously extract from PinTips; I haven’t gotten it to be fancy enough to query any of the APIs for the sites.

From what I could tell on Wednesday (July 19) when I made the list, I think the following games didn’t have PinTips pages. If they’re up by Tuesday night (July 25), I’ll be able to add those IDs to the lookup and re-execute the SQL to add them to the list.

From the Pinburgh list:
Aces & Kings
Attilla the Hun
Big Hurt
Blackwater 100
City Slicker
Doodle Bug
El Dorado
Freak Out (Pretty sure this was a custom game for PAPA, right? Isn’t this a re-skin of Doozie? If it is, I’ll just connect it to Doozie if there’s a page for that.)
Game Show
Grand Lizard
Hang Glider
Hi Lo Ace
Jungle Lord
Liberty Bell
Magic City
Motor Show
NBA (Stern)
Night Rider
Pinball Lizard
Shaq Attack
Solar Fire
Sound Stage
Star Wars (Stern 17)
Strange Science
Strikes and Spares
Target Alpha
Time Zone
Torpedo Alley

I’ll probably be filling in some gaps between now and then, I’ll let you know what I add.

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Counterforce tutorial added to pinballvideos

I have a long [~40 pages] “EMcyclopedia” that’s basically a guide to playing EM machines and covers 64 games so far [more if you count playfield duplicates], most of which are in the Pinburgh banks. It’s kind of a work in progress, since there are other games I haven’t gotten around to including yet, but I figure a lot of folks might be interested in it. I’m wondering where to post it for maximum visibility, since I’m not on social media and given that it’s a long text document. It needs a little cleaning up, but I could post it by tomorrow morning. I’d have loved to have done instructional videos for all of these, but I don’t have access to the games to do it. Suggestions?


Google docs?


Is Pintips going to have a Pinburgh 2017 category this year?

Post it here as a wiki and someone else will clean it up :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t have time to do anything. I’d recommend just using the 2016 tag for 2017 tips. There can’t be that many old ones…

I was wondering if it was used much (or at all). I wrote one tip about a really tight tilt, but I don’t remember seeing any on any banks I played on.

There were five pinburgh2016 tips added. You should feel free to add 2017 tips under that category :slight_smile:

Added Atilla the Hun and Strikes and Spares.

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