Pinburgh 2016 waitlist

Considering that there were ~50 open spots once Pinburgh 2015 started, I’m thinking that if you are anywhere on the waitlist and show up, you have a very good chance of getting in.

If this year is somewhat similar to last, is this assumption incorrect? @bkerins

I actually can’t make it now (so there’s room for one more) but can’t find anything on the website that allows me—or provides clear direction on how—to cancel. Anyone know how I would go about this?

I wish I didn’t! Alas, if you e-mail your order number and refund request to, they’ll process it for you.

I don’t have any assumptions about the waiting list. I know the current waiting list is longer than the Pinburgh 2015 waitlist ever was. New people have joined the waitlist as recently as this week.

I expect we will run the tournament with exactly 700 players. Sorry to hear that Jay and Echa can’t make it!

how do you get on the wait list?

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Boooo, the SoCal IEPA contingent is dropping fast! First Belsito’s out, then Tim, now Jay!

How will we get our 3rd League Affiliation first place win now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Believe me, I’m very very bummed. I took great pride in being part of that title last year, even though the very few wins I picked up on friday were just enough to squeak the group by.

Damn Jim is out? it’s like we can’t get Karl and Jim on the road at the same time anymore now! :slightly_smiling:

Aren’t kids wonderful :slightly_smiling:

I already know I’m f*cked (<-- see what I did there Dunlap) for PAPA 20.

My kids are so awesome . . . at ruining my pinball career. This especially hurts because I’m an every 3 years PAPA final guy, and PAPA 20 was my year to find another way to finish 2nd, 3rd or 4th!


Looks at PAPA 20 dates


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Deangelo/Sharpe DOUBLE BIRTHDAY PARTY . . . back room of PAPA HQ. I think I can get my wife on board. How about you Karl? :slightly_smiling:

I wish one of the awards from the PAPA TV Kickstarter was “We will stay away from ever having PAPA or Pinburgh on April 6th”.


Players requesting a refund for the additional tournament registration
fee between December 1, 2015 and March 15, 2016 will receive a full
100% refund. Players requesting a similar refund between March 16, 2016
and June 30, 2016 will receive a 50% refund. Players requesting a refund
for the tournament fee between July 1, 2016 and July 21, 2016 will
receive a 25% refund. No Pinburgh registration refunds will be given
after July 21, 2016 for any reason.

No mention of rounding. :frowning:

(IFPA rules, eliminating half rounded up or down?)

ah! it’s all about planning the birth date of your kid outside major pinball event, EASY! :slightly_smiling:

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Jonny Monica to the rescue!


Is there a way to find out where one stands on the waitlist? I believe I got on the waitlist the day the tickets went on sale, but that was a while ago so who knows. I’d love to see if I’m likely to make it in or not.

click the tab that says waitlist

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Pretty sure the first dayers have already been moved off the list…

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