Pinbot tournament rom


Does anyone have the tournament rom code for pinbot? Mark Steinman sent me some ips files, but they don’t appear to be an entire image, just a patch. It isn’t clear how to apply these patches. Does anyone have the complete image?


If Mark sent you the file from IPDB it’s only U26 and U27. I believe those are the only ones that need to be replaced. The txt file included reads: "Here are the modification made on that roms.

  1. Rom Checksum test as been skipped. (If you have a bad rom, the programm won’t see it)
  2. Factory setting is at freeplay.
  3. Everytime you start a new game, the Solar value is reset to 500 000.
  4. The setting for the advance solar value is now 10 000 to 990 000 (factory 250 000)

Please note that this roms has not been modified by a professional. Use at your own risk. I’m don’t want to be held responsable for any damage that can be caused by this rom."


PAPA has a different tournament rom.

Use lunar IPS to apply the patch to the rom. Obviously, you need the rom file to start with, which you can download or read out of your machine (assuming you have the correct version of pinbot to start with).