Pinbot tournament rom

Does anyone have the tournament rom code for pinbot? Mark Steinman sent me some ips files, but they don’t appear to be an entire image, just a patch. It isn’t clear how to apply these patches. Does anyone have the complete image?

If Mark sent you the file from IPDB it’s only U26 and U27. I believe those are the only ones that need to be replaced. The txt file included reads: "Here are the modification made on that roms.

  1. Rom Checksum test as been skipped. (If you have a bad rom, the programm won’t see it)
  2. Factory setting is at freeplay.
  3. Everytime you start a new game, the Solar value is reset to 500 000.
  4. The setting for the advance solar value is now 10 000 to 990 000 (factory 250 000)

Please note that this roms has not been modified by a professional. Use at your own risk. I’m don’t want to be held responsable for any damage that can be caused by this rom."

PAPA has a different tournament rom.

Use lunar IPS to apply the patch to the rom. Obviously, you need the rom file to start with, which you can download or read out of your machine (assuming you have the correct version of pinbot to start with).


I know this post is really old, but it is relevant. We are getting a Pinbot for leagues and I’d like to get these ROMs for the operator. Is there anyone that sells the chips already programmed, so I can just hand them to him and say, “Here, swap these out”. I’m hoping for the ones referenced in the Pinburgh video where one of the announcers explains that it locks the Solar Value to 100,000.

This guy has a Pinside shop and can probably burn what you want.

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Perfect. Thanks for your help. Is the one on IPDB sufficient or do I need the one they discussed during the Pinburgh stream? It looks like the link on the IPDB page says:

Solar Value Reset Each Game 500,000; Solar Adv. 250,000

Whereas the commentator mentioned that their ROM locked the solar value at 100k.

I’ve never played Pinbot so I have no clue.

There are 4 or 5 versions of the pinbot rom out there - I think 100k is too low for the solar value, it removes it as a factor from the game completely when it’s that low. 500k is a little better.

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Would that make the ROM on the IPDB website sufficient for tournament play?

Well, it looks like that version still has advancing jackpots, and it’s just that it will start at 500k.

I guess you could make the solar advance 10k so it builds very slowly… or email papa and ask them for the 100k roms. I looked around for the version I had that I think was 500k period, and I found patches but not a description of what it did, although I did also find the information on what to modify. I know you had to collect it once to reset it and then it was fine (didn’t advance past the 500k).

Thank you very much! Will be taking note of these as well.

I sent an email to PAPA. Thank you.

Is it still possible to get the modified ROMs? I am coming to this very late and would like to grab these if possible for our tournament on Friday. Does anyone have these they can email? I have someone to burn the ROMs for me locally.

@scochar was kind enough to send me the PINBOT TOURNAMENT ROMSET L-6. It worked great throughout qualifying, though it was reported, and witnessed by several other players, that during finals a Solar Value was collected which displayed as “Solar Value 0 Points.” Has else anyone has seen something similar to this? Is this a bug in the modified software?

See the 0 point solar value starting here:

Just a guess, could it be that it failed to initialize because he short plunged the second ball into play? I didn’t see all of the games, but everyone else in this match shot the vortex.

It really would depend on the settings. Looks like they were starting the solar value out for all players at 0. Previous player added to his jackpot by hitting the ramp a couple times before multiball, collected a jackpot (300k I think?) and it reset to 100k, so they had the ‘reset after collect’ setting to 100k (default). (or p3 hit the ramp again without the ball in the eyeball, I’d have to rewatch)

Player 4 did nothing to advance their jackpot (so they had the ‘alternate advances’ off) - so they got a jackpot of 0.

If the setting was in fact minimum jackpot 100k then yes that would be a bug, but I think it was a combination of the settings.

Hitting the vortex doesn’t do anything in regards to jackpot restoring - when the ball is launched into the shooter lane that players’ setup is all set to go.

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Solar Value default setting was 510,000. I helped with the initial configurations. The way I see it, it shouldn’t matter if you short plunged or not. The default value emanates from the player, not the action. In the default ROM, you get the progressive jackpot no matter how you approach the game. This looks like a bug to me.

I’ll have to try the rom in my game and see what happens with player 4. Unfortunately on player 3’s collect it cuts away to another game briefly so did not see how much was collected, but player 1 got the 510k (or 560), and player 2 was definitely adding to it (pinbot sure puts up the outhole bonus a lot on the display, instead of things that matter like the energy value or the solar value…)

Can you post the settings in total so I can set it up the same way?

UPDATE, definitely player 4 gets screwed somehow, the jackpot resets to zero, although in pinmame it ‘sets’ it correctly. I’ll work with the original author and see if we can get it fixed.


@scochar Thanks for checking that ROM and confirming that it was a bug. I made the decision on the fly of giving the player the 510,000 points rather than scrapping the whole game in the middle of finals, or of having the affected player play a new separate game on Pin-Bot.

My ruling had no effect on the outcome of the finals, but it could have. I was told that @pinwizj was immediately texted by one of the players upon my decision and replied that I made the wrong call. :slight_smile: Evidently you never add points to a player’s score, no matter what the circumstances. During my search and brief skimming this morning for this rule in the “PAPA/IFPA Complete Competition Rules,” I could not find any direct mention of this.

At least it didn’t affect the outcome.

I was playing around with this earlier and it happened because the stored jackpot got overwritten by something else I was able to get player 3 with a zero too to verify. It was definitely only player 4, so any 3 player or less matches would have worked correctly.

Allowing Keith Elwin to play for me isn’t directly mentioned in the PAPA/IFPA rules, but safe to assume that also shouldn’t be allowed :slight_smile:

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