Anyone else checking this tournament out next weekend? I think it’s a first-time event and sounds like there are a ton of cool things going on. Haven’t heard much buzz about it yet.

I’ll be there, it’s a local for me and I’ve donated a machine to the tournament bank. Holy Frijoles is a great location with a solid following.

Pinball and Baltimore historically haven’t gotten along too well (stupid amusement laws), so I’m really looking forward to helping this one go well.


Amazing poster artwork!

Hi Gang,

I’m the event organizer so let me know if you have any questions. Yes, we have a lot planned. In addition to three tournaments over the weekend (Main and two classics), we have bands, art installations, and all kinds of other cool stuff. Though we haven’t seen a lot of buzz in the competitive circle outside of our rather large local scene, there is a lot of interest from casual players, which is one of our main goals. (Don’t worry, competitors have their own private room for competition away from the riffraff and bands). We have been pouring our hearts into this and we really want to make it a unique pinball experience. Please come out and have fun with us!