Pinballvideos Patreon


I have been asked a bunch of times how to donate to pinballvideos, and my answer was usually to just donate to the actual content creators, because I don’t know how to put the money to good use for the project.

I’ve recently changed my mind on that, so I made a Patreon:

My reasons are outlined in the Patreon description, but the gist is that I have hosting costs now, which made me think a lot about crowdfunding, which ultimately led me to the conclusion that keeping in touch with the people who like pinballvideos enough that they are willing to pay for it would be a good thing all around.

If nobody wants to become a patron, that’s fine too, it won’t have any negative effects on content updates, and I’ll pay for the hosting myself, but I believe having some regular donors would be a big benefit to the future development of the project.




Done and done. Happy to support one of my favorite websites.


I spend hours on this site, probably more than Netflix :+1:t2:

#5 is my go-to site for entertainment and for studying every time a tournament is coming. Thank you for hosting, of course I want to support.


Thanks a lot, your support is much appreciated! I’m really happy that this was as well received as it has been.

Here are my plans for the immediate future:

First, I’m going to add some Patreon info to the website itself, maybe there are a few more people who’d like to support who don’t frequent Tiltforums. I’m probably going to wait a week or two to see if any more patrons sign up before starting the conversation about future development on Patreon.

In the meantime, I’ll implement the infrastructure needed to power the $5-patron-restricted beta access to new features, i.e. a “log in with Patreon” button. That has the nice side effect that all patrons will automatically have user accounts on pinballvideos, which allows for all sorts of useful new features.