Pinballer on Jeopardy

Tonight’s Jeopardy episode featured returning champion Steven Oppenheimer of Ohio … who, during the interview section of the show, mentioned his participation in one of the Ohio pinball leagues. Said he might consider buying a game with his winnings. He’s ranked #7973, played in two seasons of the Kidforce Collectibles League in Berea.

This episode had a clue I enjoyed, too: one of the correct questions was, “What is an Actuary?” [which I am].


Didn’t see it, but I got blasted with texts from non-pinball friends and family during the airing. We play in the same league but I don’t recall ever meeting him.

I’ll bet Trebek played a mean pinball back in the day. He’s got the look.

My wife barely caught it and we had to run it back. One of the categories had “ACE” in quotes which are my pinball initials. Pretty cool. I just mentioned this at my morning meeting at work. heh.

Fred Richardson ranked #48th in the world was on Price Is Right two or three years ago. I think he won a dinette set or something.

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His last name is Oppenheim. No “er” on the end. And his rank just dropped to #8000. I had it recorded. Nice to see competitive pinball mentioned on a national show which might encourage some viewers to look for local leagues/tournaments.

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Flash, it was actually only last year. I won $10K worth of crap. Kept the computer, bikes, and pool table. Passed on the women’s shoes, handbags, and dishwasher… :smile:

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Ahh, very nice. I figured I probably got some of the details wrong. Not a bad haul for one day.

For the women’s shoes, is it just one pair they have back there or do they have that pair in every size?

You can custom order any sizes on any of the 3 shoe pairs. They were Diane Von Forstenberg (sp?) and pretty expensive. I just didn’t like the colors… :wink: