Pinball Wizarding School

So a while back we did a couple weeks of pinball instruction at Logan Arcade, and called it Pinball GED. A bunch of people came and learned about pinball, and some have transitioned into being regulars on the scene around here. Anyways, we’re doing it again; we’ve got sponsors this time, which explains the name change! If you’re reading this forum you’re probably a bit more advanced than the sort of people we’re looking for, but if you know anyone in the Chicago area who’s looking to start playing and wants a friendly, relaxed way to learn, please send them our way! Facebook event is here!


This looks really cool for beginning players; you should consider streaming it! Maybe it’s the sort of thing that @DEADFLIP would consider streaming and archiving to youtube?

Cheers for spreading the pinball know how!

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Cameras can be a tad intimidating for newer folks sometimes.
Always down to stream, but knowing people are watching intently while you practice something can be a no go for some folks.


Ahhhh. I might have misunderstood the format of the event. I definitely understand how new players would find playing on camera unnerving.

I was thinking it was a sort of a live tutorial for new players. (i.e. Here’s when to consider dead bouncing, here’s how and when to do a drop catch, here’s how to consider what to shoot for in a game in terms of risk vs reward, etc.) Pinball 101 does a great job of those things, but I’m not sure of its availability.

Pinball outreach is a great thing. Now that I have machines at my place, in the past year or so, I can’t tell you how many non-pinball friends say, “oh, they still make those?!”

Yeah, we try to emphasize that it’s a no-pressure safe place to learn about pinball without embarrassment, so cameras might not be the best thing. Also, there’d probably be legal issues, because I use clips from the aforementioned Pinball 101 DVD in the class! (We also ordered a crate of the DVDs for interested students)

I have been considering making a zine, though. Just a little 16-page booklet with advice, flipper skills, rules/tips for a couple popular machines.

Belles & Chimes Portland made a skills guide a few months ago that could be a good resource for you (either to borrow from wholesale or just to see how it was laid out/what worked/etc). Not sure if it’s online anywhere, so you may need to get in touch with the organizer.