Pinball T-Shirts Available - Power Inlane, NorthWest Pinball, B-Division, 1970 +More


Hello everyone,

I’ve had a lot of people at events recently asking for me to make these pinball shirts available to buy more easily.

So, here they are!

s-l500 s-l5www00 s-l5hhh00

These are all professionally screen-printed.
All the remaining stock I have is up here on Ebay - $17.50 a shirt + Shipping:

B-Division! (black) (grey)

Avoid Debris! (black) (brown) (purple) (grey)

NorthWest Pinball 1970!

Power Inlane!

Nortwest Championships 2010!

NW Pinball Tropical!

Steveo! (mens) (womens)

These are the last of the last, limited runs.




Just received my Steveo shirt last week. Looks great!


Legend has it Steveo shirts have magical powers. :smiley:


It worked for Ecsher!


That power inlane shirt is awesome. Wish there were some XLs left.